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VITACOLL® bonding agent

Bonding agent for acrylic teeth

VITACOLL ensures reliable bonding of acrylic teeth to denture base materials. Since a wide range of different denture base materials is used, it is frequently difficult for the responsible dental technician to determine whether these materials provide perfect bonding to the acrylic teeth available. By using VITACOLL, the required certainty is ensured.

Bottle cont. 100 ml


The use of VITACOLL Bonding Agent results in reliable chemical bonding of acrylic teeth to hot and cold curing polymerizates as well as polymethacrylate injection molding materials and prevents teeth from breaking out of the denture base.

VITACOLL® bonding agent products

VITACOLL® bonding agent
Description Prod. no.
VITACOLL, 100 ml A9C100
Product information brochure up to 4 pages

920-26410 VITACOLL (Version 001)

No. 10153 10153M VITACOLL (Version 001)

Working instructions

No. 1021 VITACOLL / VITAFOL H (Version 001)

Safety data sheets

No. 40 VITACOLL (Version 002)

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