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App VITA mobileAssist

App_VITA mobileAssist

VITA mobileAssist provides a simple way for the perfect communication of tooth shades from dentists to dental labs.The results of shade measurements performed with the spectrophotometer VITA Easysahde V will be imported via the Bluetooth interface into digital images on your Android device and can then be shared with recipients.

The App provides options for displaying all tooth shades in the established standard shade systems VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and VITA classical A1-D4, as well as an indication of VITABLOCS shades and tooth bleaching shades.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
VITA Easyshade V Software Version V505k1 or higher.

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This app (iOS iPad) lets you experience the brand new dental hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC first hand.

It includes a full-length VITA ENAMIC film featuring expert interviews and an interactive simulator „VITA ENAMIC Feel“ which allows you to experience the unique properties of this outstanding hybrid ceramic. In addition, it offers a comprehensive overview of facts and figures with charts, comparisons and research data about VITA ENAMIC.

Use this app and get to know the CAD/CAM ceramic of the future now!

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App_VITA RapidLayer

The Rapid Layer Technology allows to fabricate the substructure (= oxide ceramic) and the veneer structure (= feldspar ceramic) in a digital manufacturing process. The substructure and the veneer are bonded to one another using an adhesive composite. The iPhone application includes the fabrication process, the substructure design and the bonding process.

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VITA RealLife is an application that allows different enamel/dentin shade gradients to be visualized in order to create natural-looking dental restorations using VITABLOCS RealLife.VITABLOCS RealLife are all-ceramic feldspar blocks for use with dental CAD/CAM systems.

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