The VITAPAN EXCELL denture tooth – natural functionality, lifelike beauty.

VITAPAN EXCELL has an impressive, balanced overall composition and combines esthetic criteria such as natural shapes, good light transmission and a vibrant play of shades. This prefabricated tooth is exceptionally suited for highly esthetic complete, partial and implant-retained dentures. Can be ideally combined with VITAPAN LINGOFORM posterior teeth for all common prosthetic concepts.

Dental care at eye level

The dream team of dentist Dr Babak Varzideh and dental technician Carolin Wehning work cooperatively to provide the closest patient contact possible.

This is how they fulfilled their patient's wish for a convenient, safe and beautiful prosthesis with VITAPAN EXCELL.

» To the case.

Really strong.

Excellent abrasion durability

In a pin-on-block wear test at the University of Regensburg, VITA PHYSIODENS was used as an example to show that VITA premium teeth have good chemistry. Out of the eight tooth lines that were compared, the VITA MRP technology showed significantly lower maximum wear than the competitor products.

Really worth knowing.

Really functional.

Special thanks to dental technician Julia Tymchyshyna from Poland for sharing these fantastic pictures of her VITAPAN EXCELL dentures.
To see more of her work, visit Julia Tymchyshyna on her Instagram page.

Really multifaceted.

The advantages


  • simple fabrication of highly esthetic dentures due to lifelike tooth moulds with "golden" proportions
  • brilliant play of shade and light thanks to excellent light dynamics and harmonious shade progression
  • good shade reproduction with natural remaining dentitio due to ideal shade accuracy to the shade guide
  • excellent durability due to high load capacity and abrasion stability
  • excellent gingiva design thanks to broadly dimensioned tooth neck


  • setup is easy and intuitive with "automatic" centric finding, thanks to occlusal surfaces designed according to the cogwheel principle
  • can be used universally and reliably for all concepts of occlusion thanks to multifunctional occlusal surface design
  • time-saving setup without extensive grinding thanks to precisely defined centric
  • excellent durability thanks to high load capacity, abrasion stability and centric-supported function
  • good processability due to optimum material homogeneity and edge stability
Individualization by simple polishing.

Individualization by simple polishing

"The surface structure can be easily adapted to be age appropriate with a simple polish."

  • Moderate polishing: We recommend using VITA Polish Cera on the handpiece with a soft goat hair brush for pre-polishing, and a dry cotton buff for final polishing
  • Heavier polishing: For this, we recommend pre-polishing on the polishing motor with pumice stone and a goat hair brush, and final polishing with a linen buff.

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