The VITAPAN EXCELL denture tooth – natural functionality, lifelike beauty.

VITAPAN EXCELL is the latest generation of anterior teeth with a brilliant play of shape, shade and light for natural-looking dentures. The denture tooth is ideally suited for highly esthetic full and partial dentures, as well as implants and can be universally used with VITAPAN LINGOFORM Posterior for all common denture concepts. The large range of shades and shapes provides you with absolute freedom of choice and customization options.

Dental care at eye level

The dream team of dentist Dr Babak Varzideh and dental technician Carolin Wehning work cooperatively to provide the closest patient contact possible.

This is how they fulfilled their patient's wish for a convenient, safe and beautiful prosthesis with VITAPAN EXCELL.

» To the case.

Excellent abrasion durability

VITA PHYSIODENS (same material as VITAPAN EXCELL) was used as the example for VITA denture teeth made from MRP composite and shows the lowest wear depth in the above wear test. As  good clinical wear resistance and abrasion stability can be expected from denture teeth manufactured using this material.

Lowest abrasion values for VITA PHYSIODENS made of MRP materials

VITAPAN EXCELL in trade journals

A freedom alternative to the consequences of bruxing.

Freedom in centric was incorporated into the current denture to eliminate the occlusion as a trigger cause. Part oft the reasoning is that the denture should do no harm.

Being a superhero means aligning yourself with superhero products.

Marc Wagenseil, Denturist & Dental Technician, Heritage Denture Centre, Edmonton, Canada

VITA ACADEMY – We live education.

VITA takes training seriously. As a knowledge partner for dental laboratories and dental practices, we are proud to offer you and your colleagues new, tailored options for training and continuing education. Get the inside track on learning with our tutorials, as well as with courses and online workshops from the VITA ACADEMY. Our live onsite training events and online learning options make the information come alive, giving you the advantage you need. And as a dentistry pioneer, we also offer custom courses. Simply contact us for more details.

The diverse shapes and sizes of VITAPAN EXCELL are inspiring, and with the comprehensive selection of shades, I always find the ideal denture tooth for patients needing full, partial and implant-retained dentures. With a simple polish, VITAPAN EXCELL can easily be tailored to suit the age of each patient.

Michael Kuhn, Dental Technician, Petersen Dental, Rheinfelden, Germany
VITAPAN EXCELL – Individualization by simple polishing

Individualization by simple polishing

Dr. Michael Tholey live on Facebook

Total prosthetics course with patient

Full denture prosthetics live and in situ: Kalle shows us how it's done!

At the end of September at the VITA Academy in Langen, Germany, the spotlight during our patient course for dentists and dental technicians was on a highly complex topic: full denture prosthetics. Our dental team comprised of dentist Dr. Karl-Uwe Jülich from Bergneustadt and dental technician Karl-Heinz Körholz from Königswinter, known as Kalle among his colleagues, demonstrated all the relevant steps from anatomical impression-taking to final setup using VITAPAN EXCELL Anterior and VITAPAN LINGOFORM Posterior denture teeth. The experts traveled with a patient they had both treated, working with that patient to demonstrate all the steps and allowing course participants to verify their own relational templates and setups. A patient simply isn't an articulator, something that every dental technician should bear in mind. At the same time, dentists also used the articulator once again and applied the guidelines that dental technicians follow in their work.

Karl-Heinz "Kalle" Körholz explaining the steps in determining the vertical dimension using the caliper.

The occlusion determination device placed by dentist Dr. Jülich shows whether the wax rim in the upper jaw is correctly aligned.

With the bite height measurement device, the dimension of the tooth position with regard to the incisive papilla can be determined in the upper jaw.
In the lower jaw, this is used to check the exact position of the wax rim in relation to the alveolar ridge.

The participants carefully observe how wax rims are prepared using aluminum wax so that these can be registered appropriately in the mouth by the dentist.

Kalle during creation and verification of the occlusal plane in the articulator.

The model analysis in accordance with TiF® determines where the teeth should be positioned.

The concentration during the final model analysis is palpable.

VITAPAN EXCELL denture teeth facilitated highly esthetic setup.

VITAPAN EXCELL meets the esthetic guidelines, enabling setup to be carried out intuitively.

Finishing of the marginal gingiva after setup.

Kalle was on hand at all times with advice.

The participating dentists also carried out all technical dental steps in the articulator.

The participating dentists also carried out all technical dental steps in the articulator.

Despite the same initial starting point, the resulting work items differed and showed individual character.

Dr. Karl-Uwe Jülich during the wax try-in.

The appearance of VITAPAN EXCELL was already very natural during try-in.

The different setups of the participants were discussed directly with the patient.

A reason to be excited: Documentation of one's own work in the patient's mouth.

The crowning moment: Kalle signs and hands over the training certificate.

Impressions and tray fabrication

The team of Jülich and Körholz explained the two-step approach to impressions as follows: "For impressions, we recommend a prefabricated tray that is first customized in the patient's mouth using selected silicone putty and then used for an alginate impression." When the initial anatomical impression is taken, all relevant areas should be reproduced. In doing so, smaller defects can also be added using wax without having to completely redo the impression. The margins of the functional impression tray should be marked on the model immediately before trimming. The tray must later be shortened or extended accordingly, until it fits properly throughout. Dr. Jülich then demonstrated how two-step mucodynamic impression-taking is performed with the patient. To finish up, every course participant used master models that had already been pre-articulated to create their own relational templates for determining the jaw relation. These were then tried-in on the patient and adapted accordingly.

Model analysis and setup

Simply tossing prosthetic teeth into the mouth and thinking it will work out, just won't do," Körholz noted prior to model analysis. It is imperative that the latter be carried out so that correct tooth positioning from a functional perspective can be precisely determined in advance and the resulting patient restoration is ideal both in terms of static and dynamic function.  Körholz demonstrated model analysis in accordance with TiF from start to finish, before every participant performed it independently themselves. While the dental technicians were first able to learn a lot through the direct patient contact that is often missing in the daily laboratory routine, dentists were now able to focus once again on working with the articulator and carrying out wax setup. VITAPAN EXCELL, the denture tooth used for this purpose, corresponds to esthetic guidelines in terms of the tooth axis and the angular features, which enabled intuitive setup. Thanks to the multifunctional occlusal surface design of VITAPAN LINGOFORM, the posterior teeth in the setup were automatically in the correct centric position when the articulator was closed. The highlight in the end was try-in of the wax setups with the patient. Despite the same initial situation, every setup had its own individual touch, and every setup was also a resounding success. At the same time in the mouth, VITAPAN EXCELL showed its natural, three-dimensional layering and lifelike surface texture.

Teamwork: dentist and dental technician

This is what a course should be like: dental technicians and dentists working on and learning from the same case, exchanging ideas and benefiting from a team of instructors with decades of experience who also collaborate successfully in their daily work. Through continuous comparison via the patient, dental technicians were able to transfer their expertise with the model and the articulator to the patient's mouth. Dentists benefited not only from tips and tricks when it came to taking impressions or determining the jaw relation with the patient, they also had the opportunity once again to follow full denture guidelines using the articulator. This is how full denture prosthetics can be improved and a shared understanding and technical knowledge can be cultivated. And one thing is for certain: the participants now understand how Kalle makes dentures.

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The new shapes of the VITAPAN EXCELL

Dr. Michael Tholey live on Facebook

Winner of the Panthera Master Cup with VITAPAN EXCELL

Giuliano Moustakis, Dental Technician, Dentallabor Falkensee, Germany

"For the Panthera Master Cup, you have to select a suitable patient in order to be able to explain the restoration, the tooth shape and the tooth shade to the jury.
In my case, the patient was a 67-year-old woman who had worn a complete prosthesis for many years. However, the ill-fitting dentures had caused her constant discomfort, which is why she had five implants placed in her upper jaw and four in her lower jaw. Due to this patient's good oral hygiene, a compromise between fixed and partially removable dentures was chosen for her."

"The size and shape of the VITAPAN EXCELL mandibular and maxillary anterior teeth were selected based on the measurements from the registration splint. The reason for choosing VITAPAN EXCELL teeth was clear, as they already had some specifically designed features that suited this patient. Their shape and shade were also somewhat individualized.
These teeth are always individualized for a patient in order to achieve a "perfect match, as this depends on the gender and age of the patient, even in the case of complete reconstructions.
For example, in this case, I went back and forth between the shades A2 and A3, but ultimately decided on shade A3, as it has proven to be a very universal shade in my experience."

» Read the entire report HERE.

Facts, figures and data on the VITAPAN EXCELL

Really functional.

Complete freedom of choice:

This comprehensive tooth range has been developed and tested in collaboration with experienced dental technicians. Now an entire selection of options for full and partial dentures is available, making patient treatment even easier. Everything you need for the convenient fabrication of incredibly, natural-looking dentures is at your fingertips.

Special thanks to dental technician Julia Tymchyshyna from Poland for sharing these fantastic pictures of her VITAPAN EXCELL dentures.
To see more of her work, visit Julia Tymchyshyna on her Instagram page.

Special features

  • pronounced enamel portion for good light transmission
  • elaborate surface structure for natural diffusion and reflection of light
  • integrated mamelon/opalescence for natural shade effect
  • 3D layered structure for natural shade gradient
Really multifaceted.

The advantages


  • simple fabrication of highly esthetic dentures due to lifelike tooth moulds with "golden" proportions
  • brilliant play of shade and light thanks to excellent light dynamics and harmonious shade progression
  • good shade reproduction with natural remaining dentitio due to ideal shade accuracy to the shade guide
  • excellent durability due to high load capacity and abrasion stability
  • excellent gingiva design thanks to broadly dimensioned tooth neck


  • setup is easy and intuitive with "automatic" centric finding, thanks to occlusal surfaces designed according to the cogwheel principle
  • can be used universally and reliably for all concepts of occlusion thanks to multifunctional occlusal surface design
  • time-saving setup without extensive grinding thanks to precisely defined centric
  • excellent durability thanks to high load capacity, abrasion stability and centric-supported function
  • good processability due to optimum material homogeneity and edge stability