VITA AMBRIA Press Ceramic pellet and anterior tooth crowns on model

Brilliant dental technology deserves brilliant ceramics

Is this something you have encountered? You put your heart into a press ceramic crown or veneer and can already visualize the esthetic end result. But then it happens: you open the furnace and the crown seems gray and lifeless. It doesn't have to be that way. Read the case reports from enthusiastic colleagues who have tried the brilliant VITA AMBRIA press ceramic. Get to know the impressive vibrant play of colors of this lithium disilicate press ceramic. Take a look behind the scenes at VITA and find out why – with the VITA press ceramic – you can always rely on the correct tooth shade.


Case reports from colleagues

Crowns and veneers from press ceramic – the correct tooth shade every time

Lithium disilicate press ceramics have secured a permanent place in the dental laboratory. Many dental technicians love the press technique, and with good reason. However, things have not always gone as well as planned. For example, restorations can seem too gray in the patient's mouth, or too bright even if the correct shade has been selected. Perhaps you have experienced these or other difficulties, too. But what can be done? Switch immediately to a new ceramic? It's a difficult decision. Fortunately, other colleagues have already taken this step and can share their experiences with you here.

Make esthetic limitations a thing of the past

Master Dental Technician Stephan Juckel (Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany) no longer wanted to accept esthetic limitations and decided to test a new glass ceramic – the VITA AMBRIA press ceramic. What follows is his personal success story. "Today, we no longer get upset about undesirable shade gradients, but get brilliant, natural looking results with VITA AMBRIA", says the master dental technician. Even without layered ceramic, the result is restorations with the effect of depth. Stefan Juckel is convinced that switching to VITA AMBRIA is worthwhile for several reasons.

These four points convinced the dental technician:

  • Good results that are reproducible
  • Multifaceted, warm play of colors
  • Impressive shade fidelity
  • Almost no reaction layer

For colleagues who are considering switching to another press ceramic, he has the following advice: "It takes courage to be open to something new. However, questioning familiar things and trying new approaches was beneficial for me."

"With VITA AMBRIA, the press technique is suddenly really enjoyable again. That really is very motivating."

If you would like to find out more about what changed for this master dental technician as a result of switching to this press ceramic, and how you too can benefit from it, then click here.

"Case reports from colleagues with the VITA AMBRIA press ceramic"


Reasons for a new ceramic

Four reasons to choose the lithium disilicate press ceramic from VITA

As a dental technician, do you simply want better esthetic outcomes with press ceramics? Then keep on reading. Here you can find out about possible causes of esthetic limitations, what you need to consider when choosing a new ceramic and what the VITA AMBRIA lithium disilicate press ceramic can do for you. You will also learn the four most important reasons why it's worth trying the VITA ceramic.

What must a modern lithium disilicate press ceramic offer?

The secret to brilliant esthetics is the ceramic formulation. As a result of the corresponding manufacturer formulations, a modern glass ceramic acquires the exact photo-optical properties that you would ideally want. If you don't get the esthetic results that you would like with your lithium disilicate ceramic, then this could be due to the material formulation. If for this or other reasons you are considering trying a new ceramic, then you should ask the manufacturer questions such as the following: Does this ceramic reliably deliver the correct tooth shade? Does the ceramic offer high strength for good long-term stability? Does the ceramic only show a minimum reaction layer after pressing?

Dental technology is individuality and creativity. Dental technology is craftsmanship and art. VITA AMBRIA is the press ceramic for dental technicians who simply want more.

If you want to learn more about the secrets to brilliant esthetics and find out what the VITA AMBRIA press ceramic has to offer, then click here.

"More about the secret to success of modern press ceramics."


Always the right tooth shade

Why you can always rely on the tooth shades of the VITA press ceramic

Perhaps you are already considering trying a new press ceramic, but you want to be really sure that you can genuinely trust a new material and manufacturer. Then take a look behind the scenes at VITA Zahnfabrik. Here, many people work with real passion every day to bring you a robust press ceramic that reliably delivers the right tooth shade and a brilliant play of light every time.

VITA employee performing quality inspection of VITA AMBRIA Press Ceramic pellet

For exact tooth shades you need absolute precision

Creating a press ceramic that offers excellent shade fidelity and can always be reliably processed – that was the key goal during the development of VITA AMBRIA. "As a trained dental technician, it was important to me to develop a press ceramic that was both robust and esthetic. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing after pressing that it hasn't worked," says dental engineer Michael Gödiker (Bad Säckingen, Germany). For this engineer, there are four key reasons why you, as a dental technician, can have complete confidence in VITA.

Why you can trust the VITA press ceramic

  • Reliable shade fidelity and outstanding shade brilliance. Continuous testing.
  • Simple processing – developed by dental technicians for dental technicians.
  • Excellent fracture resistance. Robust ceramic composition for daily laboratory use.
  • "Made in Germany" – 100% German dental engineering skill.

"Precision is a top priority in the production of VITA AMBRIA, so that you as a dental technician, actually receive pellets that meet the highest quality standards," explains Michael Hackner (Bad Säckingen, Germany), the engineer responsible for manufacturing. The raw materials, for example, are weighed to the last milligram, because the exact ceramic composition is extremely important for precise, reproducible shade reproduction of the ceramic in the dental laboratory.

"The exact ceramic mixture determines the shading, but also the crystalline structure and the final strength of a press ceramic"

If you would like to learn more about how the VITA ceramic is manufactured and why you can always rely on VITA for the correct tooth shade, then click here.

"Why correct tooth shades require absolute precision"


VITA AMBRIA Press Ceramic

Brilliant, true-to-shade press results with VITA AMBRIA

Would you like all the details and facts on the VITA press ceramic? No problem! Here are the key points: VITA AMBRIA is a zirconia-reinforced lithium disilicate press ceramic. You can use the press pellets for the broad range of indications typically handled with lithium disilicate: veneers, inlays/onlays, full and partial crowns, as well as three-unit bridges up to the second premolar. The ceramic is available in the translucency levels T and HT, as well as in size S and L.

Click here now to find out many more interesting facts, details and benefits of the brilliant VITA press ceramic.

"Details, facts and benefits of the VITA press ceramic at a glance"

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