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Quality that exceeds the norm.
This is how we set the standards.

Quality accepts no compromise. But over and above that, the quality standards we set for ourselves are of the utmost importance. Only they ensure the fabrication of top-quality dental restorations. The best raw materials in combination with innovative production methods form the basis for materials of outstanding quality. In the production of our fine-structure ceramics, for example, only carefully selected feldspar is used. The result is a ceramic that is perfectly suited, both physically and aesthetically. Further evidence of VITA's exceptional quality is its polymer repressing technique. This gives our acrylic teeth their unique abrasion resistance.

Günter Bessler
Production Manager


No. 1708 VITA Quality Report

Certificate EN ISO 13485 (valid until 28.06.2019)

EC Certificate and Annex (valid until 28.06.2019)

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