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VITA Around The World.

Eric Berger. Metz, France.

Patient case Eric Berger. France.
Patientenfall Eric Berger. Frankreich.

Statement by Eric Berger: "In my case, VITA SUPRINITY PC is the answer to all my needs – durability and aesthetics are among its advantages."

Éric Berger
Metz, France.


VITA patient case. Eric Berger. France.

Short biography of Eric Berger

Eric Berger is a passionate dental technician who values high quality in a dental restoration.

After successfully studying material science at the Higher National Institut für das Handwerk [Higher National Institute for Crafts], he continued his training in Germany, then opened his own laboratory, "Dental technique Berger", in 1989 in Metz.

His dental laboratory is a certified VITA Master Lab (VITA Master Labs are an international group of committed top dental technology laboratories with "opinion leader" status). His laboratory's main fields of activity are ceramics, combined technology and implantology. Eric Berger places a lot of value on close cooperation between dental technicians and dentists. In his opinion, this is the critical factor for determining the quality of the restoration. 

Eric Berger strives tirelessly for perfection. To achieve this, he studies many different processing techniques for dental ceramics (metal ceramics, pressed ceramics and CAD/CAM materials) and applies these in his practice. For him, masterful dental technology includes both precise tooth shade measurement and the targeted use of individualization using the residual dentition as the model. He views his work as the "art of ceramics."

  • Maître Prothésiste dentaire [master of dental prosthetics]
  • Member of the CMA moselle
  • VITA National Speaker for VITA Zahnfabrik
  • Instructor and trainer for SIRONA inLab
  • Instructor and trainer in e-dentistry (International Society of Computerized Dentistry)
  • Consultant and teacher at the ISNA Metz
The laboratory of Eric Berger


Eric Berger
Dental Technique Berger
10, rue du 11 ème régiment d'aviation
Espace Mermoz
57155 MARLY lès METZ

Telephone: +33 3 87 36 12 77
Cell: +33 6 85 92 39 55
E-mail: dtbfrance (at) aol.com

The laboratory of Eric Berger

The laboratory of Eric Berger
The laboratory of Eric Berger
The laboratory of Eric Berger
The laboratory of Eric Berger
The laboratory of Eric Berger
The laboratory of Eric Berger

Eric Berger’s view of dental technology and its sphere in Metz, France

What does it mean to get to know the world? That is, to observe its unique characteristics and to enrich your life based on this in order to change yourself. This is exactly how it is in dental technology. It is important to grapple with your own techniques as well as with the wealth of techniques existing in the world today. 

Each country has its special qualities, its own charm, its magic places. France, like every country, has its own strengths. Beautiful France shares a border with Germany, where VITA has its headquarters in the tri-border region. VITA Zahnfabrik products feature the highest quality. The effortless application is demonstrated to the laboratories very well by the French VITA Team. These high-quality CAD/CAM materials and veneering ceramics are our key to  esthetic success. We French have a fine sense for esthetics. This feeling for form is also expressed in our work in the laboratory, and using the natural tooth as our pattern for restorations.


It has been said that the French are "nigglers". Instead, I would say that they are not satisfied with the first thing that comes along. That is the spirit that enables us to advance in technical and esthetic perfection. For this reason, dental companies happily fall back on the practical experience of French technicians in the development of their products and include them in the pilot phases of their new products.

In the case shown, the material is VITA SUPRINITY PC. This material is the answer to all my needs - high durability combined with perfect esthetics. With the veneering ceramic VITA VM 11, I can complete my work and apply effects to achieve an even better esthetic result. It fits perfectly with my named requirements, is simple to work with and is easy to achieve optimal shading.

It is the interaction of the materials in the VITA VM system that drew me under its spell from the beginning. The VITA VM system allows me to master my ceramic materials independently of the CAD/CAM framework material and to give them the desired individuality. Thanks to VITA, I can continue to use my dissatisfaction, day by day, to achieve better esthetic results. Long live the French touch!

Case study: Restorations of two incisors with VITA SUPRINITY PC in combination with VITA VM 11

Oral impressions and design of the veneer. The veneers were directly reduced to the individual form of the incisal area in the software for the later application of VITA VM 11.
Placement of the veneer in the VITA SUPRINITY PC block.
It is very nice to see how delicately the veneers are formed and how precisely the edges can be ground.
Edge stability even after crystallization, even in thin areas.
Here, VITA SUPRINITY PC shows structures similar to those of the natural tooth.
View of the first application with the description of the materials.
After the first firing.
The second application.
View after the second firing.
Third application for the final shape.
Finishing and polishing.
Final result. Polished and ready for use in the patient.
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