Clinical case studies and product evaluations: How VITABLOCS are used around the world

How do your fellow dental professionals rate the VITABLOCS material, and why have they been using it successfully for many years? Join us as we travel around the world and discover interesting clinical cases with the VITABLOCS ceramic, and read the evaluations from fellow dental professionals.

Product reviews from colleagues around the world

This is what users have experienced with VITABLOCS.

Dr. Diego Bonaudo, Dentist, Turin, Italy, 07/21

Following orthodontic treatment, the esthetic zone is restored with veneers made of VITABLOCS Mark II.

Dr. Oxana Naidyonova, Dentist, Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 07/21

An upper molar is restored using an overlay made of VITABLOCS Mark II.

Dr. Julio Gomez Paris, Dentist and dental technician, Santa Fe, Argentina, 07/21

Tooth shade determination, block selection and characterization for the appropriate shade effect of an individual anterior veneer made of VITABLOCS Mark II.

Rafa Jaén, Dental technician, Barcelona, Spain, 07/21

The plannable restoration of the esthetic zone with veneers made of VITABLOCS Mark II using an idealized mock-up.

Dr. Stas Belous, Dentist, Ulyanovsk, Russia, 07/21

Strongly discolored, endodontically treated upper incisors were reconstructed using crowns made from VITABLOCS Mark II, resulting in a natural shade effect and morphology.

Dr. Ignatius Ronny Halim, Dentist, Jakarta, Indonesia, 07/21

Anterior crowns made from VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte as a highly esthetic and long-lasting replacement for worn out composite restorations.

Dr. Jia Zhen, Dentist Chengdu, China, 10/21

The esthetic restoration (upper and lower jaw) with bleach-colored VITABLOCS Mark II due to moderate tetracycline discoloration.

“Dentistry has dramatically changed in my 25 years in practice. With new and upgraded technologies, the shift to digital dentistry and delivering reliable and highly esthetic ceramic restorations in same-day appointments VITABLOCS from VITA have made these various changes possible. Thanks to VITA’s versatility, constant innovation and attention to strength, durability and superb esthetics, I can deliver both single restorations, as well as full mouth rehabilitation options, and do so with efficiency, accuracy, impressive shade, translucency, opalescence and exquisite beauty.”

X Sonja X

Dr. Agatha Bis, Dentist, Oakville, Canada, 06/21

“I have been using VITABLOCS for both anterior and posterior restorations for more than 17 years, and have been able to see the long-term durability of the material firsthand. VITABLOCS are predictable when machining, easy to polish, easy to glaze, easy to adjust and easy to bond. VITA has made working with this material easy on all accounts.”

X Sonja X

Dr. Gulshan Murgai, Dentist, London, UK, 07/21

“VITABLOCS RealLife have changed my approach to the treatment of dental defects, where getting high esthetics is a must. The central core of the block reproduces the chromaticity of the dentine, and is surrounded by translucent ceramic, which guarantees esthetic success in the various chromatic options available. I strongly recommend this material to all my colleagues who are looking for an innovative material with high esthetics.”

X Sonja X

Dr. Mauro Riva, Dentist, Milan, Italy, 06/21

“Thirty years ago I bought a CEREC 1 machine and started using VITABLOCS Mark II on inlays. After completing more than 10,000 restorations, the results speak for themselves. Without a doubt, VITABLOCS Mark II have always been the best CAD/CAM ceramic for me during my time as a practicing dentist. Currently I am an avid user of Primescan, and VITABLOCS Mark II still remain my number one choice for ceramic material.”

X Sonja X

DDS Pekka Kauppi, Dentist, Oulu, Finland, 08/21

“With VITABLOCS, we can provide great restorations in a really short amount of time. The material allows us to be conservative, and at the same time, achieve remarkable esthetics. In a recent case, we gave a patient a new smile and the required confidence for his important job interview just three days after the appointment, with the help of VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte.“

X Sonja X

Dr. Rohit Gupta, Dentist, New Delhi, India, 07/21

“I love CEREC and VITABLOCS because they can restore any complex defect in one visit, even with the eighth teeth, which are often extracted because of the difficult treatment. This material has proven itself to be long lasting, and at the same time, very esthetic with a high translucency and a rich palette of shades.“

X Sonja X

Dr. Sergey Kochanov, Dentist, Moscow, Russia, 07/21


Italy: VITABLOCS case by Dr. Bonaudo

"Follow-up evaluations of my cases have demonstrated the durability of the material."

A success story: Anterior veneers made of VITABLOCS Mark II

Dental technician Okke Kamps checks the virtual set-up of the teeth on the computer.
Initial situation with pronounced crossbite and irregular dental arches.
Dental technician Okke Kamps fixes VITA VIONIC VIGO teeth in a milled denture base.
Result following orthodontics, gingivectomy and restoration with veneers made of VITABLOCS Mark II.

Initial situation
A patient with pronounced malocclusion presented with irregular incisal edge and gingival margin contours. The middle upper incisors were fractured and discolored.

The crossbite was first treated with Invisalign. Following a mock-up simulation, a minimally-invasive laser gingivectomy was performed to harmonize the gingival margin, and preparation was carried out. The patient's esthetic zone was then restored in a single chairside session with veneers made of VITABLOCS Mark II.

Because of the precise margins after milling and the natural translucency of the final restorations.


Kazakhstan: VITABLOCS case by Dr. Naidyonova

"I love VITABLOCS because of their bright, natural color, ease of use and outstanding esthetics."

A success story: Overlay with VITABLOCS Mark II

Dental technician Okke Kamps checks the virtual set-up of the teeth on the computer.
Initial situation following endodontic treatment and preparation of tooth 27.
Dental technician Okke Kamps fixes VITA VIONIC VIGO teeth in a milled denture base.
The naturally integrated overlay 2.5 years after treatment.

Initial situation
A young patient, 25-years-old, was unhappy about a defective older filling in upper molar 27.

The older filling was removed, secondary caries excavated, endodontic revision carried out and the tooth restored with an all-ceramic overlay made of VITABLOCS Mark II.

We chose VITABLOCS Mark II because the abrasion (similar to enamel) harmonized with the natural antagonist, with regard to function, from a long-term clinical perspective.


Argentina: VITABLOCS case by Dr. Gomez Paris

"VITABLOCS is my preferred block. Not just because of its quality, which has been proven over many years, but because it offers me the best esthetic and optical results, such as translucency and fluorescence similar to natural dentition."

A success story: Anterior veneer made of VITABLOCS Mark II

Dental technician Okke Kamps checks the virtual set-up of the teeth on the computer.
Initial situation following trauma to the right upper middle incisor.
Dental technician Okke Kamps fixes VITA VIONIC VIGO teeth in a milled denture base.
Result 15 days after veneer restoration using VITABLOCS Mark II.

Initial situation
A young patient in her 20s with post-traumatic discoloration of the right upper middle incisor.

In order to achieve perfect esthetics, the desired shade of the adjacent, healthy and central tooth, as well as the discoloration of the prepared tooth surface, were taken into consideration when selecting the block. After the minimally-invasive preparation was scanned, a monolithic veneer was constructed using VITABLOCS Mark II 0M1 and milled.

Due to the integrated natural esthetics, as well as the translucency and fluorescence of VITABLOCS feldspar ceramics that are similar to natural dentition, we achieve the best monolithic results using a digital workflow. In this case we needed to compensate the dark shade of the prepared tooth with 0M1 and chose VITABLOCS Mark II because this shade was not yet available for VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte at that time.


Spain: VITABLOCS case by Rafa Jaén

"VITABLOCS has been my material of choice since 2013 for restorations with loss of enamel. It allows me to achieve the perfect shade effect and give patients a natural smile."

A success story: Veneers made of VITABLOCS Mark II

Dental technician Okke Kamps checks the virtual set-up of the teeth on the computer.
Initial situation following orthodontic treatment.
Dental technician Okke Kamps fixes VITA VIONIC VIGO teeth in a milled denture base.
Natural smile with veneers made of VITABLOCS Mark II.

Initial situation
Following orthodontic treatment, a young patient presented with discoloration, cracks and inadequate conservative restorations in the esthetic zone. The middle incisors seemed to be too short.

The patient was treated with 10 minimally-invasive veneers made of VITABLOCS MARK II. The restorations were planned using an idealized wax-up, which was placed in the patient's mouth as a mock-up and verified. This made fabrication of the final restorations predictable and simple.

VITABLOCS allowed for minimally-invasive treatment in the enamel area as part of the digital workflow.


Russia: VITABLOCS case from Dr. Belous

"The realistic, natural esthetics, especially in the anterior region, are a great source of satisfaction!"

A success story: Crowns made from VITABLOCS Mark II

Initial situation with non-vital, discolored upper incisors.
Result after CAD/CAM restoration using VITABLOCS Mark II.

Initial situation
A young patient presented with discolored, non-vital upper incisors with insufficient composite fillings.

First, endodontic treatment was carried out on tooth 11, 12, 21 and 22. These were also stabilized with fiberglass posts and composite abutments. The natural teeth were then lightened by bleaching. Following wax-up and corresponding mock-up preparation, the tooth stumps were scanned intraorally, and temporary VITA CAD-Temp crowns fabricated using CAD/CAM technology to simulate the shape and function of the planned ceramic restorations. After successful try-in, the permanent ceramic crowns were fabricated monolithically from the VITABLOCS Mark II feldspar ceramic using a digital workflow.

VITABLOCS Mark II offers both pronounced brightness and also good coverage, which is essential when working with non-vital and discolored teeth. Thanks to the optical properties, the tooth can be reconstructed with a natural appearance.


Indonesia: VITABLOCS case from Dr. Halim

"My patients are very happy with the natural esthetics and long-lasting results of VITABLOCS."

A success story: two-unit anterior crown restoration with VITABLOCS TriLuxe Forte

Severely abraded and lifeless composite restorations of 11 and 21.
Long-lasting crowns made from VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte with reconstructed morphology and shade effect.

Initial situation
A patient presented with composite restorations of tooth 11 and tooth 21 that, after six years, had become severely abraded and had faded as a result of daily cleaning. For this reason, the incisors were to be reconstructed using all-ceramics, with lasting prevention of further loss of incisal substance.

To begin with, an intraoral mock-up was fabricated using composite to simulate the planned final result with the patient. The mock-up was worn as part of a try-in for two days. The patient was satisfied with the shape and function. As a result, both teeth could be prepared using the mock-up and scanned intraorally, and final crowns fabricated monolithically using VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte and seated adhesively.

Why VITABLOCS TriLuxe Forte?
The polychromatic feldspar ceramic VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte was selected as the restoration material. Thanks to the integrated shade gradient, highly esthetic monolithic restorations could be created that harmonized with the natural hard tooth substance. The VITABLOCS feldspar ceramic guaranteed long-term stability and abrasion properties similar to enamel. The restorations have been in the patient’s mouth for six years. Abrasion is stable and there have not been any complications.


China: VITABLOCS case: Dr. Jia Zhen

"I haven`t had a single dissatisfied patient yet."

A success story: Veneers made from VITABLOCS Mark II Bleach

Initial situation with moderate tetracycline discoloration.
Bright shade effect with veneers made from bleach-colored VITABLOCS Mark II.

Initial situation
A young patient presented with moderate tetracycline discoloration and exposed cervical areas, as well as abrasion to the incisal edges of the upper middle incisors. Following clinical and X-ray diagnostics, all teeth proved vital and asymptomatic, with a normal periodontium. The patient asked for a bright reconstruction of the visible tooth area.

Following preparation, the patient was fitted with 16 minimally-invasive veneers made of bleach-colored VITABLOCS MARK II material with a layer thickness of 0.8 to 0.9 mm. and no functional contacts.

VITABLOCS offer lifelike shade effects, while also masking discolorations. The shade range is varied and enables selection of the appropriate block. The surface texture is similar to that of natural enamel. With VITABLOCS, dentists and dental technicians can predictably meet the different needs of patients.

VITABLOCS – Premium esthetics made easy