VITA ENAMIC multiColor – the best of both worlds in a unique hybrid ceramic

Find out everything you need to know about the VITA ENAMIC multiColor hybrid ceramic. A state-of-the-art material with a unique material structure, VITA ENAMIC multiColor offers numerous benefits during processing, including the ability to achieve natural esthetics with simple product processing. No firing or staining is required. True to the motto: Mill. Seat. Simply beautiful. 


Material structure

VITA ENAMIC – the only hybrid dental ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure

With the launch of VITA ENAMIC in 2013, a unique hybrid dental ceramic with a dual-network structure has been available from VITA that combines the best of ceramic and composite materials; in other words, the best of two worlds in a single product. In contrast to similar products on the market, ENAMIC is not based on a conventional composite formula. Instead, the network is comprised of 86 % feldspar ceramic and infiltrated with a polymer while under pressure and heat. Join us for a deep dive into the material science and learn all about the innovative composition of VITA ENAMIC, one that enables properties similar to natural dentition, as well as numerous processing benefits.

The best of both worlds combined in one unique product.

VITA ENAMIC – an overview of the innovative hybrid ceramic


Details and facts about VITA ENAMIC multiColor

VITA ENAMIC multiColor in a nutshell

Looking for details and facts about VITA ENAMIC multiColor at a glance? Here are the key details you need to know about the hybrid ceramic: VITA ENAMIC multiColor is a multichromatic CAD/CAM blank with an integrated shade and translucency gradient for esthetic reconstructions at the touch of a button. The product is available in two sizes and five shades.

Five reasons to switch to VITA ENAMIC multiColor:

  1. fabricate durable restorations
    using a high-load capacity hybrid ceramic with absorption of masticatory forces.
  2. non-/minimally invasive restorations possible
    since the elastic hybrid ceramic enables reduced wall thicknesses.
  3. produce accurate, precise and delicate restorations
    using a hybrid material with integrated elasticity.
  4. cost-effective reconstruction
    using time-saving CAM fabrication and efficient polishing without any firing process.
  5. simple and fast workflow
    resulting in excellent esthetic appearance.

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Data and facts about VITA ENAMIC multiColor


Clinical Case Studies

Mill it. Insert it. Simply beautiful.

Discover the benefits of the state-of-the-art hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC multiColor with our clinical case study reports. Users across the world demonstrate their approach from wafer-thin veneers to crowns with a significant load. See for yourself just how efficiently you can fabricate esthetic VITA ENAMIC multiColor restorations in a single session.

Case study

Veneers, crowns, table tops, onlays - VITA ENAMIC multiColor is a universal material for single-tooth restorations.

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Clinical studies

The VITA ENAMIC hybrid ceramic is successful in clinical endurance testing!

VITA ENAMIC is an incredibly innovative product that is distinguished by its unique material structure and properties similar to natural dentition, along with numerous processing benefits. But the real question is: "Do these hybrid ceramic properties also make a positive difference in the patient's mouth?" What do independent studies say about the VITA hybrid ceramic?

Read the study results of independent researchers.

To the research overview on VITA ENAMIC 

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