Clinical case studies:
VITA ENAMIC multiColor
Mill it. Insert it. Simply beautiful.

Read about how fellow practitioners are using VITA ENAMIC multiColor hybrid ceramic to optimize treatment of patients in just one session.

VITA ENAMIC multiColor is a universal material for single-tooth restorations. The integrated shade gradient of the hybrid ceramic allows fast and efficient fabrication of highly esthetic restorations. Individualization through staining is no longer necessary.

The following case studies show how you can achieve an esthetic restoration as quickly as possible without making compromises.


Dr. Andreas Kurbad
Dentist, Viersen, Germany

Minimally invasive veneer restoration with hybrid ceramics VITA ENAMIC multiColor

Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat Ghazi
Dentist, Cairo, Egypt

Pushing the esthetic button: Veneer restorations in the digital workflow


Dr. Oxana Naidyonova
Dentist, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

CAD/CAM-fabricated endocrown made of the hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC multiColor 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hassel
Dentist, Mannheim, Germany

Implant-supported crown reconstruction of hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC multiColor

Statements from dentists on VITA ENAMIC multiColor

"With VITA ENAMIC multiColor, the natural appearance of a tooth can virtually be reconstructed at the push of a button.”

Dr. Andreas Kurbad, Dentist, Viersen, Germany

“The polychrome hybrid ceramic blank VITA ENAMIC multiColor has an integrated shade/ translucency gradient.” 

Dr. Oxana Naidyonova, Dentist, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

"VITA ENAMIC multiColor allows time-efficient fabrication of esthetic abutment crowns." 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hassel, Dentist, Mannheim, Germany

“The restorations do not have to be fired. Individualization is theoretically possible, but not necessary because of the integrated shade gradient. This not only saves time but also prevents an additional, potentially allergenic material component from coming into play.“

Dr. Bernhild-Elke Stamnitz, Dentist, Langen, Germany

“With VITA ENAMIC multiColor the esthetics is more than needed and the material gives you a very good static outcome. Very simple. Very fast.

ENAMIC works really well when milling on thin margins.
The milling quality and the marginal adaption are the biggest advantages as well as the speed of milling - having the restoration finished and ready to deliver. Therefore, ENAMIC is my go-to restoration when I'm intending to do same-day restorations.”

Dr. Julian Conejo, Dentist, Philadelphia, United States of America

“Data and facts about VITA ENAMIC multiColor”

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