Dental care at eye level

The dream team of dentist Dr Babak Varzideh and dental technician Carolin Wehning work cooperatively to provide the closest patient contact possible.

This is how they fulfilled their patient's wish for a convenient, safe and beautiful prosthesis with VITAPAN EXCELL.

RESULT: The final restoration harmonizes with the face and lip line and has a natural, lifelike effect.

INITIAL SITUATION: Esthetically and functionally insufficient initial situation in the maxilla. The strong distal occlusion position was compensated for in the new fabrication.

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Rare insight: What does a patient have to say about VITAPAN EXCELL?

Going from natural teeth to removable dentures is a huge transition for any patient. First, every new restoration is always a foreign body in one's mouth. The goal of successful work must be to meet the patient's functional and esthetic needs, so that the patient quickly accepts the denture and ideally no longer perceives it as such. However, expectations are high, especially when preceded by a long period of dissatisfaction with various forms of restoration. As in this complex case that Dr. Babak Varzideh (Bocholt, Germany) and dental technician Carolin Wehning (Rhede, Germany) had to solve together. In the following interview, a 56-year-old patient from the Netherlands reports on her dental history, her treatment and her new life with the VITAPAN EXCELL and VITAPAN LINGOFORM prefabricated teeth (both VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany).

How did you end up needing a removable restoration? What is your history as a patient?

But of course, the situation continued to bother you. So how did it happen that Dr. Babak Varzideh and Carolin Wehning took over your care?

What treatment steps were necessary for the new restoration?

After the four implants had been placed, we had to wait until the implants were sitting firmly in the bone. During this healing period, I temporarily wore a removable prosthesis. Even though I managed quite well with this temporary, the esthetics still didn't satisfy me. I could eat and speak, but I just couldn't get excited about the color and shape of the teeth. To me they looked unnatural, dull and lifeless. I knew that it would only be for a limited time. However, I definitely had higher expectations for the final work – especially with regard to the appearance of the teeth. 

How did you feel with the final work and especially with VITAPAN EXCELL in the anterior region?

You have now been wearing the denture in your upper jaw for several years. How do you manage with the VITAPAN LINGOFORM teeth in the posterior region? Have there been changes?

I have also managed with the VITAPAN LINGOFORM posterior teeth just fine since they were put in place. That hasn't changed over the years. My old denture teeth wore out quickly in comparison and I didn't really do well when chewing. Even the temporary denture had not been able to give me back the bite, security and stability I had hoped for. Due to the bad situation when it came to biting, I often had pain in the past. That has disappeared. A pleasant chewing sensation became immediately evident with VITAPAN LINGOFORM. I haven't noticed any wearing of the teeth at all as time goes by. The denture is absolutely stable when it comes to chewing and works perfectly, which is why I am finally satisfied with the situation in my upper jaw after such a long time. 

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How VITAPAN EXCELL makes implant-prosthetic smiles an art form

Why did you choose the VITAPAN EXCELL as a prefabricated tooth for this high-quality implant prosthetic work (shown below)?

Finding the right shape and shade for partial and complete dentures is essential for the acceptance of a restoration. What has been your experience with VITAPAN EXCELL?

Everything always looks very good when a restoration is inserted. What was the status of the work years later during follow-up checks?

Prefabricated teeth have to withstand quite a lot, especially with implant prosthetics. How does the posterior VITAPAN LINGOFORM perform in terms of abrasion during follow-up visits?

Varzideh: Implant prosthetics in particular are subject to strong forces, and there is no cushioning as with natural teeth. Here at Kleinsman/Varzideh Dental Center, patients come in for prophylaxis two to four times a year, depending on their risk rating for peri-implantitis, which allows me to monitor their progress. The degree of abrasion certainly varies over time, depending on the opposing jaw restoration. Generally speaking, VITAPAN LINGOFORM has proven to be abrasion-resistant and robust during my follow-up checks, even with respect to implant work during the clinical course. The prerequisite is, of course, that the occlusion to the antagonist has been properly adjusted in advance. 

Increased plaque accumulation is not only disturbing for patients but also undesirable, especially in implant prosthetics. What have you observed in this particular case?

Varzideh: Of course, the denture should not be prone to plaque build up, so that no active biofilm endangers the implants. I have not noticed any increased plaque build up on VITAPAN EXCELL and VITAPAN LINGOFORM. This indicates a polymerized composite and a homogeneous surface. For our removable implant prosthetics, VITAPAN EXCELL in combination with VITAPAN LINGOFORM is the tool of choice. Function and esthetics are just the way we want them to be. And if it already works on implants, then it will also work with tooth and mucosa-supported partial and complete dentures as a matter of course. 

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VITAPAN EXCELL: A valuable building block for incredibly beautiful implant prosthetics

For the VITAPAN EXCELL anterior set, enamel, cervical and dentin materials are inserted, pressed from a single cast and polymerized. What impression does the tooth make when it is ground in?

For the implant prosthetic work, the teeth had to be shortened basally and ground out. What influence did this have on the color fidelity of VITAPAN EXCELL?

VITAPAN EXCELL complies morphologically with the esthetic rules. What is the advantage of the coordinated proportions in the manifold shapes and shades?

Why does the VITAPAN LINGOFORM posterior tooth set go so well with VITAPAN EXCELL? How does the multifunctional occlusal surface design help with set-up?

VITAPAN EXCELL has a pronounced youthful surface texture. How do you adjust the texture and gloss level during processing to be age-appropriate?

Wehning: With the surface texture already in place, I no longer have to incorporate it, but can simply reduce it if necessary. This is because the surface texture and gloss level have to be adjusted to suit the individual patient and the patient's age. For each patient case, I take natural models in the form of photos or models to know where I am going. For the final polish, I use my technical handpiece and work with conventional rubber polishers, brushes and fine burrs.