Denturist Tanya Little improves the quality of the life of her patient Deanne with VITAPAN EXCELL teeth.

A new smile, new self-confidence and a new radiance.
Is there a better feeling than being able to give someone exactly what they are looking for?

Modern made dentures need to provide comfort, function and esthetics, and that’s exactly what VITAPAN EXCELL teeth deliver.

Our office had an initial consultation with Deanne to discuss new upper and lower dentures. Several options were presented to her and she had decided on precision dentures with VITAPAN EXCELL anterior teeth and VITAPAN LINGOFORM posterior teeth.
Her existing set of dentures were over fifteen years old with worn posterior teeth and she was showing a loss of vertical support/overclosure on her face. Her plane of occlusion was canted to the left and poor aesthetics along the anterior with center line off and lack of support down the buccal corridor.
Deanne expressed interest in having a more youthful smile. She has a great display zone for creating a new smile and we were excited to get started!

We knew we could achieve an aesthetic, lifelike smile for Deanne by using VITAPAN EXCELL teeth for her case. She could easily pull off a brighter shade and a fuller more youthful smile. We showed Deanne all the shades available, and she selected OM3.

VITAPAN EXCELL teeth are designed to mimic natural teeth with beautiful translucency, robust shapes, texture and durability. Modern made dentures need to meet comfort, function and aesthetics and that’s exactly what VITAPAN EXCELL teeth deliver.

Clinical and Lab Workflow for Deannes case:

Initial consultation

Initial consultation to discuss denture options. Virtual smile design done to show her a digital mockup of a fuller brighter smile.

Final impressions 

Final impressions on custom 3d printed trays with PVS materials, bite registration/pin tracing to correct vertical dimension and establish centric relation. Her vertical was opened 4 mm to allow a new freeway space of 4 mm. New centre line and high smile lines marked. Tooth selection completed T48, L37 and 1x16 of 22L VITAPAN LINGOFORM posterior teeth, all in shade OM3. 

Delivery of new dentures

Delivery of new dentures; adjust intaglio surfaces and occlusion as needed. Go over home care and maintenance of new dentures with patient.

Deanne was very emotional about her new smile. She cried at the try in stage and was thrilled we were able to meet her smile design wishes! Our team was able to restore her confidence with a brighter, more youthful smile. She has adjusted well to her new dentures and is now able to eat the things she wants!

VITAPAN EXCELL teeth deliver exceptional aesthetics for our most discerning patients. The lifelike nature of these teeth combined with durability allow our office to provide amazing prosthetics to our patients!

“Before I received the denture with VITAPAN EXCELL teeth my old denture was 10 years old, Ill fitting and the teeth were flush from being worn down. My old anterior teeth just felt very small for my mouth.

Now I’m so happy with my new VITAPAN EXCELL denture! Even though Its been strange getting used to having bigger and more teeth in my mouth, my new denture has greatly improved my self confidence and I definitely smile more often. With the dentures fitting so well it’s very easy to eat anything! They feel very strong and more like real teeth.
Also the posterior teeth, that were restored with VITAPAN LINGOFORM denture teeth, are beginning to feel like my own teeth. I am really happy with the result.”