For the pre- and high-gloss polishing of all ceramic materials

VITA CERAMICS Polishing Sets were developed especially for the two-step polishing of all dental ceramic materials in practices and laboratories. The sets each contain a total of six polishing instruments for pre- and high-gloss polishing.


For all ceramic:
Feldspar ceramic, glass ceramic, oxide ceramic:
All types of ceramic can be polished with just one set.

Simple polishing, excellent performance:
With their excellent removal and polishing performance, the instruments are impressive, even in the case of pronounced fissures. Safe use of these clinical instruments is also guaranteed through sterilization.

Long use:
VITA CERAMICS Polishing Sets are particularly efficient and durable, due to a high proportion of diamonds and a large usable volume. 

VITA CERAMICS Polishing Set clinical:
Includes a total of six instruments for the contra-angle. Includes three instruments each for pre- and high-gloss polishing. All instruments can be sterilized.

VITA CERAMICS Polishing Set technical:
Includes a total of six instruments for the handpiece. Includes three instruments each for pre- and high-gloss polishing.

VITA CERAMICS Polishing Set products

Description Prod. no.
VITA CERAMICS Polishing Set clinical ECEPSETC
VITA CERAMICS Polishing Set technical ECEPSETT
Polishing instrument technical, lens, VI-H16D high-gloss polishing (cream), 3 pcs. ERHH16D3
Polishing instrument technical, lens,VI-H16Dmf pre-polishing (grey), 3 pcs. ERHH16DMF3
Polishing instrument technical, Brush, VI-DT-H17D high-gloss polishing (cream), 3 pcs. ERHH17D3
Polishing instrument technical, Brush, VI-DT-H17Dmf pre-polishing (grey), 3 pcs. ERHH17DMF3
Polishing instrument technical, tip, VI-H1D high-gloss polishing (cream), 6 pcs. ERHH1D6
Polishing instrument technical, tip, VI-H1Dmf pre-polishing (grey), 6 pcs. ERHH1DMF6
Polishing instrument clinical, Brush, VI-DT-W14D high-gloss polishing (cream), 3 pcs. ERWW14D3
Polishing instrument clinical, Brush, VI-DT-W14Dmf pre-polishing (grey), 3 pcs. ERWW14DMF3
Polishing instrument clinical, lens, VI-W18D high-gloss polishing (cream), 6 pcs. ERWW18D6
Polishing instrument clinical, lens, VI-W18Dmf pre-polishing (grey), 6 pcs. ERWW18DMF6
Polishing instrument clinical, cup, VI-W7D high-gloss polishing (cream), 6 pcs. ERWW7D6
Polishing instrument clinical, cup, VI-W7Dmf pre-polishing (grey), 6 pcs. ERWW7DMF6
Информация о продукции

No. 10807 VITA CERAMICS Polishing Set (Version 001)


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