Reproducing the Natural Play of Colors in a Limited Space Using VITA LUMEX AC Veneering Ceramic

Master Dental Technician Marcio Breda, Dentist Dr. Estefânia Donato,
Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil

When veneers are used for cosmetic reconstructions, preserving tooth substance is a high priority. In these cases, patients are often treated using highly individualized, hand-layered veneers. The challenge when it comes to dental technology is in precisely reproducing the natural play of colors and light within a limited space. This requires veneering ceramics with high luminosity, such as the new VITA LUMEX AC, which reliably produces ideal light dynamics, even with minimum wall thicknesses. In addition, the veneering ceramic applied must have good fracture strength in order to ensure safe manual reworking and seating with this delicate type of reconstruction.

In the following case study, Master Dental Technician Marcio Breda and Dentist Dr. Estefânia Donato, show how a patient was supplied with highly esthetic hand-layered veneers made from the leucite-reinforced, glass-ceramic veneering ceramic VITA LUMEX AC.

Initial situation vs. final result

Die Veneers aus VITA LUMEX AC zeigten eine hervorragende Lichtdynamik und ein sehr gutes Farbspiel. Initial situation: The immediate temporary restoration was created with a silicone key of the mock-up.

Individually layered veneers for harmonious incisal edges and uniform tooth color

A 35-year-old patient visited the dentist’s office, as she was dissatisfied with the esthetics of her anterior maxillary region. The clinical examination showed very irregular incisal edges. The dental arch and the gingival profile were not harmonious. The length to width ratio was also not adequate. Previous defects were filled with lifeless composite fillings, and teeth 11 and 21 were discolored. The patient wanted a level dental arch, uniform tooth color and an individualized, age-appropriate appearance for her anterior maxillary region. She agreed to use individually layered veneers made of VITA LUMEX AC veneering ceramic for the restoration.

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