The system solution for precise, efficient and true-to-shade zirconia reconstructions.

VITA YZ T are Translucent ZrO2 blanks for natural, individual, fully veneered substructures.

VITA YZ T blanks are available in several versions:

  • VITA YZ TWhite (unstained)
  • VITA YZ TColor (monochromatic, tooth shades)


  • reliably reproduce tooth shades using a material system with ideally matched components
  • create highly accurate restorations with material blanks with edge stability, homogeneous microstructures and tested sintering properties
  • achieve efficient, solid and esthetic results thanks to tooth-shaded precolored color blanks with good shade matching to the VITA classical A1–D4 shade guide

VITA YZ T is for:

  • Type II, class 5
  • Fully-anatomical crowns and up to 14-unit bridges* in the anterior and posterior tooth region
  • Fully and partially veneered single-tooth and up to 14-unit bridge substructures in the anterior and posterior tooth region
  • Single-tooth and up to 14-unit bridges* on screw-retained restorations applied directly in the anterior and posterior tooth region
  • Primary telescopes

* Bridges and bridge superstructures with maximum of two adjoining bridge pontics


  • VITA YZ TWhite
    non-colored for manual coloring using VITA YZ T COLORING LIQUIDS
  • VITA YZ TColor
    precolored in the lightness levels Color LL1 (light)*, LL2 (medium) and LL3 (intense)

*) VITA YZ TColor block geometries are only available in LL1


Discs (Ø 98.4 mm):

  • h 12*, 14, 16*, 18, 20, 25* mm

Blocks (mm):

  • YZ-20/19 (20 x 19 x 15,5)
  • YZ-40/19 (39 x 19 x 15,5)
  • YZ-55 (55 x 15,5 x 19)
  • YZ-65/25 (65 x 25 x 22)

*) These geometries are only available as uncolored VITA YZ TWhite versions.

VITA YZ® T products


VITA YZ TWhite for inLab, 1 pc. / 2 pcs. / 4 pcs.
Description Prod. no. 1 pc. Prod. no. 2 pcs. Prod. no. 4 pcs.
YZ-20/19 - - EC4YW3007804
20 x 19 x 15,5 mm
YZ-40/19 - EC4YW3008042
39 x 19 x 15,5 mm
YZ-55 - EC4YW3008162
55 x 19 x 15,5 mm
YZ-65/25 EC4YW3008401
65 x 25 x 22 mm
- -


VITA YZ TColor LL1/light for inLab, 1 pc. / 2 pcs. / 4 pcs.
Description Prod. no. 1 pc. Prod. no. 2 pcs. Prod. no. 4 pcs.
YZ-20/19 - - EC4YW3617804
20 x 19 x 15,5 mm
YZ-40/19 - EC4YW3618042
39 x 19 x 15,5 mm
YZ-55 - EC4YW3618162
55 x 19 x 15,5 mm
YZ-65/25 EC4YW3618401
65 x 25 x 22 mm
- -


VITA YZ TWhite, 1 pc.
Description Prod. no. 1 pc.
Ø 98.4 x h 14 mm ECDYW3981400
Ø 98.4 x h 16 mm ECDYW3981600
Ø 98.4 x h 18 mm ECDYW3981800
Ø 98.4 x h 20 mm ECDYW3982000
Ø 98.4 x h 25 mm ECDYW3982500
VITA YZ TColor, 1 pc.
Description Prod. no. 1 pc.
LL1/light, Ø 98.4 x h 14 mm ECDYC3981461
LL1/light, Ø 98.4 x h 18 mm ECDYC3981861
LL1/light, Ø 98.4 x h 20 mm ECDYC3982061
LL2/medium, Ø 98.4 x h 14 mm ECDYC3981462
LL2/medium, Ø 98.4 x h 18 mm ECDYC3981862
LL2/medium, Ø 98.4 x h 20 mm ECDYC3982062
LL3/intense, Ø 98.4 x h 14 mm ECDYC3981463
LL3/intense, Ø 98.4 x h 18 mm ECDYC3981863

The full-adhesive luting system with perfectly matched components for conditioning tooth substance and restorative material


The self-adhesive luting system with perfectly matched components for conditioning the restorative material


Natural fine-structure feldspar veneering ceramic for zirconia frameworks, VITABLOCS Mark II and PM 9


Optimizes everything. Effortlessly.


VITA offers VITA YZ T blanks with a specific holder system for the CAD/CAM system:

  • inLab MC XL family (Dentsply Sirona)


VITA offers VITA YZ T blanks in a universal disc geometry (Ø 98.4 mm) for the CAD/CAM systems:

  • CORiTEC-Serie (imes-icore GmbH)
  • Röders RXD Serie (Röders GmbH)
  • N4/R5/S1/S2/Z4/R5 (vhf camfacture AG)
  • inLab MC X5 (Dentsply Sirona)
  • Ceramill mikro 4X/Ceramill mikro 5X/Ceramill Motion 2 (AmannGirrbach AG)**
  • KaVo Everest (KaVo Dental GmbH)

Note: VITA YZ DISCs can be processed with all open CAD/CAM systems, which are suitable to mill discs with a diameter of 98.4 mm (including the circumferential groove).

*) Note: The range of VITA CAD/CAM material versions/geometries/shades available may vary for individual CAD/CAM system partners or systems. The hardware and software requirements in each case are available from the respective CAD/CAM system partners.
**) Only with adapter for 98.4 mm discs

Product information brochure up to 4 pages

Milling and grinding of VITA YZ. Important information. (Version 002)

Instructions for use

No. 10446 VITA YZ SOLUTIONS (Version 001)

No. 10446M/1 VITA YZ SOLUTIONS (Version 002)

No. 10537 Processing recommendation VITA YZ T / HT / ST / XT (Version 001)


No. 994 VITA CAD/CAM Materials (Version 008)

No. 994 VITA CAD/CAM Materials (Version 007)

Concept brochure

No. 10447 VITA YZ SOLUTIONS (Version 004)

Scientific documentation

No. 10160 VITA YZ SOLUTIONS (Version 004)


No. 1911/9 DENTAL VISIONIST 1.8 (Version 001)

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Can the surfaces of the VITA YZ restorations to be veneered be blasted with Korund (Al2O3) prior to veneering?

No, mechanical surface processing may cause damage to the structure in the sintered condition. This can lead to phase transformation of the zirconia and surface tensions, due to the distortion of the crystal lattice. Fissures or late cracks in the veneering porcelain are also possible after inserting the restoration. In order to avoid phase transformation, surfaces that are individualized with VITA VM 9 (blank or cut-back technique) or pressed over with VITA PM 9 (press-over technique) must not be sandblasted. The restoration should be cleaned under running water or with a steam jet prior to veneering. The surfaces should not be contaminated with foreign substances (e.g. skin fat, saliva) after they have been cleaned.

Can moist substructures be sintered?

No, all restorations must be dried completely before the sintering process. For this there are two methods available: either using an infrared lamp or the VITA VACUMAT 6000 MS pre-dry program. If moist substructures are sintered, there is a risk that cracks or fissures may form in the restoration.

Can restorations with different translucency levels be sintered with the same program?

No, because the materials have different sintering temperatures and heating rates.

Can restorations from VITA YZ SOLUTIONS Color or Multicolor be infiltrated with liquids?

As VITA YZ SOLUTIONS Color and Multicolor are already industrially precolored, liquid infiltration is not necessary.

Can restorations from VITA YZ XT be infiltrated with VITA YZ HT SHADE LIQUIDS, for example?

No, the VITA SHADE LIQUIDS can only be used on zirconia with the corresponding translucency level. If restorations are colored with a shade liquid of another translucency level, the desired tooth shade will not be achieved. Note: Shade liquids of different translucency levels should not be mixed.

Can VITA YZ SOLUTIONS materials be veneered?

Yes, all VITA YZ SOLUTIONS materials (VITA YZ T, HT, ST and XT) in white, color or multicolor can be fully or partially veneered. VITA VM 9 is designed for this.

Can VITA YZ restorations be conventionally cemented?

VITA YZ crowns and bridge restorations can be conventionally cemented.Note: High-strength oxide ceramics cannot be etched using hydrofluoric acid gel and must be sandblasted with Al2O3 (50 μm) at a maximum pressure of 2 bar on the inner surfaces prior to bonding to increase the retention.

Do the surfaces of monolithic restorations have to be polished before being placed in the patient's mouth?

Yes, since the surface roughness of unpolished zirconia causes increased loss of substance (abrasion) on the antagonist.
General recommendation for surface treatment of fully anatomical VITA YZ SOLUTIONS restorations:
Polish high-gloss areas which are in occlusion and then double glaze.
If the occlusal contacts have been ground off in the patient's mouth, polishing is also mandatory.

How should a restoration be positioned in a VITA YZ ST or a XT multicolor disk so that the restoration shows the desired shade gradient?

The restoration should be placed in the center. If a higher incisal area is requested, the restoration should be placed as far as possible into the incisal area of the disk. For a shade result with a higher intensity, the restoration can be moved into the deeper colored cervical area of the disk.

How can I determine which side the translucent blank for the incisal area for VITA YZ ST and VITA YZ XT multicolor disks is on?

The incisal blank is on the printed side of the disk.The disk must be mounted into the milling machine with this side facing upwards. Please note if the machine manufacturer provides any contradictory information.

What are the VITA YZ SHADE LIQUIDs for?

VITA YZ SHADE LIQUIDs are shade liquids that can be used to individually customize the VITA YZ HT, ST and XT by brush infiltration.