Efficient layering for high-quality dental implant esthetics

Master Dental Technician Marcio Breda,
Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil

"Beauty lies in simplicity" – the ancient Greek philosopher Plato already knew this over 2000 years ago. Many in dental technology have had this experience: A small embellishment or too much creativity can take away the natural look of a restoration. The restoration can look less like a nature-inspired work of art that blends with the neighboring hard tooth substance to form a unit, but rather can appear artificial and superimposed. A ceramic veneering system should complement the simple process so that the dental technician's skills can be optimized when it comes to natural beauty. 

In the following case history, Master Dental Technician Marcio Breda describes how beauty can be created with ease on six implants using the highly translucent zirconia VITA YZ HT White and the universal veneering ceramic VITA LUMEX AC.

Initial situation vs. final result

Result: With efficient layering, a highly esthetic result was achieved. Initial situation: The stained zirconia substructure made of VITA YZ HT after sintering.

Aesthetics and security in everyday life with a fixed full denture

A 35-year-old patient was dissatisfied with the functionality and esthetics of the full dentures in his upper jaw. The patient complained of the insufficient suction effect, the denture teeth and the base of the full denture appeared lifeless and artificial.
The patient wanted a fixed restoration on implants that would give him security and age-appropriate esthetics. After detailed diagnostics and a consultation, he decided on six implants and a superstructure made of zirconia and veneer ceramics that could be fitted individually and match the natural teeth in his lower jaw. The base tooth shade A3 was determined for the incisors in the lower jaw using the VITA classical A1-D4 shade guide.

Clinical steps and CAD/CAM

After the insertion and healing of the implants, a master model was produced and digitized. A zirconia substructure was milled from VITA YZ HT White. The highly translucent framework structure was intended to ensure natural translucency in the area of the teeth right from the start.

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