VITA LUMEX AC: Outstanding esthetics on titanium and all other ceramic frameworks

Tsai-Lien Shih, Dental Technician and Technical Director,
Changhua, Taiwan

The dental technician Tsai-Lien Shih is Technical Director of the Chuang Yi Dental Lab (Yuanlin, Taiwan). He is fascinated by innovative dental materials and technologies, which is why he is always excited and curious to learn about the latest developments. He actively seeks out new and advanced options in order to be able to offer his customers the best possible esthetics and function. In order to achieve this goal, he consistently invests his time and resources  and is always on the lookout for the right partners and dentists who share his philosophy. This makes his business a living laboratory with the opportunity for positive change.

Formula for success: Professional development and a combination of digital and analog workflows

He sees the professional development of his dental technicians as an ongoing strategy to support quality assurance. In this respect, his laboratory consistently emphasizes a combination of digital and conventional workflows to take into account the individuality of every patient. He has been using the universal veneering ceramic VITA LUMEX AC (VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany) for some time in order to provide his employees with simple and universal process reliability when veneering. In addition to ceramic frameworks, he also veneers titanium in the esthetic zone, using the leucite-reinforced glass ceramic. He reports on how this fits with his philosophy in the following interview.

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