VITA LUMEX AC: Universal firing stability for long-span titanium frameworks

Tsai-Lien Shih, Dental Technician and Technical Director,
Changhua, Taiwan

Dental Technician and Technical Director of Chuang Yi Dental Lab (Changhua, Taiwan) Tsai-Lien Shih, is a tireless seeker of the latest innovations to offer his customers even more sophisticated restorations. He is not afraid to invest in technology and particularly in his employees. At the Chuang Yi Dental Lab, professional development is viewed as critical, and the work as a hands-on living process. New fabrication processes and materials are always tested with great enthusiasm. And they only become part of the daily laboratory routine after they prove their worth. Shih is objective but also rigorous. He has been veneering titanium frameworks for some time now, using the leucite-reinforced glass ceramic VITA LUMEX AC for bridges and long-span restorations on implants. With this universal veneering ceramic, AC stands for all-ceramic. However, the leucite-reinforced glass ceramic is also suitable for titanium. And how! In this interview, Shih explains how he, his employees and his customers can benefit from this new combination of materials. 

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