VITABLOCS Mark II feldspar ceramic: for highly esthetic and precise laboratory substructures

Dr. Julio Gomez Paris
Dentist and dental technician
Rosario, Argentina

VITABLOCS have been proven clinically for 35 years. They are distinguished by an appearance that is essentially the same as dentition and true to shade in accordance with the VITA shade standards. As a result, tooth shades determined using the VITA shade guides are replicated appropriately for each patient in the blocks. CAD/CAM fabrication is efficient and precise, without the need for subsequent firing or sintering. This means that highly esthetic restorations can be achieved cost-effectively, particularly in the esthetic zone. In this case study, the dentist and dental technician Dr. Julio Gomez Paris (Rosario, Argentina) demonstrates how these benefits can be leveraged in the laboratory for highly esthetic restorations. In combination with the VITA LUMEX AC universal veneering ceramic and VITA AKZENT Plus stains, truly custom restorations can be created without any additional effort. 

Initial situation vs. final result

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