So much is possible with just one material: case studies using VITA LUMEX AC

VITA LUMEX AC is incredibly versatile. The veneering ceramic works on lithium disilicate, zirconia, feldspar ceramic and even on titanium. It is suitable for full and partial veneers or micro veneering, as well as for restorations without frame material, such as layered veneers or inlays. Whether sophisticated masterpieces or efficient esthetics, one-firing or several firings, you can reliably achieve impressive results with VITA LUMEX AC.

Discover the possibilities of the veneering ceramic VITA LUMEX AC. Read about how colleagues are working successfully with the material in our case studies.


Marcio Breda
Master Dental Technician
Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Efficient layering for high-quality dental implant esthetics

Sofiane Ouazene
Dental technician
Algiers, Algeria

Excellent esthetics with the ‘one bake’ technique

Lithium disilicate: VITA LUMEX AC on VITA AMBRIA

Professor Knezović Zlatarić Dubravka
Zagreb, Croatia

Highly Esthetic Gap Closure with Personalized Press Ceramics

Titanium: VITA LUMEX AC on titanium frames

Tsai-Lien Shih
Dental Technician and
Technical Director
Changhua, Taiwan

VITA LUMEX AC: Universal firing stability for long-span titanium frameworks

Tsai-Lien Shih
Dental Technician and
Technical Director
Changhua, Taiwan

VITA LUMEX AC: Outstanding esthetics on titanium and all other ceramic frameworks

Tamer Al Haddad
Dental Technician
Al Ain, UAE

VITA LUMEX AC in implant prosthetics: veneering ceramic harmony on widespan titanium frameworks

VITA LUMEX AC as a frameless restoration

Marcio Breda
Master Dental Technician
Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Individual reproduction of the play of colors when space is limited

Statements on VITA LUMEX AC from users

"VITA LUMEX AC is a state-of-the-art material! I use it for veneering on titanium. This is often difficult with other materials. But with VITA LUMEX AC it is easy; everything turns out great. It is very easy to use, it has little shrinkage. The result is really amazing."

Tamer Al Hadad, Dental Technician, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, 5/22

"VITA LUMEX AC is one of the most stable low-fusing ceramics I have ever used. It is extremely stable in color and in shape even after five firings. It is quite amazing and overcomes all the disadvantages of other low-fusing ceramics."

Benny Au Yeung, Hong-Kong

"VITA LUMEX AC has a very wide range of gingiva materials, which allows me to design highly esthetic cases. The ability to create warm hues is perfect for Asian coloring. I have only found this feature in VITA LUMEX AC so far, and that is what makes this material so unique. The wide range of indications covers nearly all my cases. The bonding with titanium is incredible."

Tsai-Lien Shih, Dental Technician and Technical Director, Changhua, Taiwan, 05/22

“VITA LUMEX AC offers everything that I need: precise shade reproduction, high firing stability and excellent surfaces.”

Hubert Karbowiak, Dental Technician, Poznań, Poland, 08/19

“VITA LUMEX AC impresses with a good balance between translucency and chromaticity and features a wonderful play of shade and light intraorally without appearing gray.”

Marcio Breda, Dental Technician, Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil, 08/19

“What makes VITA LUMEX AC unique are its qualities of precise shade reproduction in accordance with the VITA shade standard.”

Master Dental technician Eric Berger, Metz, France, 08/19

“VITA LUMEX AC enables especially esthetic, predictable results and is suitable for the veneering of all common ceramic substructure materials.”

Mike Prosperino, Dental Technician, Monte Sant’Angelo, Italy, 08/19

“The VITA LUMEX AC ceramic is very stable and can therefore be modeled in a highly precise manner.”

Jürgen Freitag, Master Dental technician, Bad Homburg, Germany, 08/19

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