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VITA AKZENT LC are light-curing composite stains for reproducing individual shade effects, as well as applying shade corrections.

  • In addition to offering a variety of nuances, the stain system impresses with efficient and precise shade application and effective shade and gloss retention.
  • The stains are universally suitable for extraoral characterization of dentures made of hybrid ceramic, CAD/CAM and veneering composites, denture bases, 3D-print acrylic polymers and prefabricated teeth, and can be used for internal characterization with the veneering technique.


Dr Michael Tholey explains VITA AKZENT LC

Genuinely unique teeth through characterization with VITA AKZENT LC

➤ UNIQUE TEETH by Wolfgang Brugger 

The path to a UNIQUE TOOTH is long. It requires experience, skill, knowledge and the best materials from renowned manufacturers. For this reason, we only work with the highest quality materials and the best manufacturers. This is the only way to produce genuinely UNIQUE TEETH!

It takes years of know-how to create the finest blood vessels and the most varied gum textures that look as natural as possible.

Natural-looking gums for our UNIQUE dentures are created by hand and are the result of pure artistry. Ordinary teeth are made by others! We only make genuinely UNIQUE TEETH!

VITA AKZENT® LC Information

Data and facts

Offering a wide variety of fourteen multi-faceted VITA AKZENT LC EFFECT STAINS, individual characterisations can be recreated for beautiful aesthetic results.

If required, shade adjustments can also be made easily thanks to the VITA AKZENT LC CHROMA STAINS allowing a plannable, systematic control of the chromaticity of dental restorations.

In addition, the VITA AKZENT LC GLAZE not only offers a great final finish of the restoration, but also serves as a final surface sealing.

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Would you like to see the process steps for internal and external characterization or for shade correction first as an observer?

In short tutorials, we'll show you step by step how to work with VITA AKZENT LC.

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