VITA LUMEX AC veneering ceramic opens up new possibilities

Tired of making compromises? Then discover VITA LUMEX AC, a modern veneering ceramic with a host of benefits for the laboratory. Because VITA LUMEX AC…

  • … works on ceramic frame materials and on titanium.
  • … is ideal for a variety of indications.
  • … retains its shape, either as a one-fire solution or after several firings.
  • … delivers highly esthetic results, matching the VITA shade standard.
  • … meets the demands of a modern laboratory.

Everything is possible

Patient cases with VITA LUMEX AC on different frame materials

Countless fellow practitioners are already using VITA LUMEX AC for a wide variety of indications and on different frame materials. On zirconia, lithium disilicate,  feldspar ceramic, titanium or even as a frameless restoration, discover clinical cases and read user reviews.

Case Study:

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"Clinical cases and experiences with VITA LUMEX AC"


Success stories

What fellow practitioners have experienced getting started with VITA LUMEX AC

Dental technicians are often initially skeptical about bringing a new veneering ceramic system into their laboratories. Changing systems always means work, and practitioners become used to the workflow with a certain material. However, many practitioners were not entirely satisfied. The results were often not convincing, but for a long time there were only a few alternatives on the market. Dental technicians who were tired of compromising made the decision to try VITA LUMEX AC and have never looked back. They share their experiences here and describe why it is worth making the switch.

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"Testimonials from fellow practitioners for VITA LUMEX AC"


Reliable results

VITA LUMEX AC brings this added value to the laboratory

With VITA LUMEX AC, the desired restorative results come out of the furnace, reliably and without detours, fired and layered. You can read why in the answers to these questions:

Find out why you can rely on VITA LUMEX AC here.

"Veneering without compromise – added value for every laboratory."



The easy way to get started with the new veneering ceramic

Learn how to veneer individual anterior teeth or multi-part posterior bridges on different frame materials in our tutorials. This is how easy it is to get started with VITA LUMEX AC.

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"VITA e-Learning"

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Patient cases

The added value of VITA LUMEX AC

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