VITA AMBRIA Press Ceramic pellet and anterior tooth crowns on model

Brilliant dental technology deserves brilliant ceramics

Is this something you have encountered? You put your heart into a press ceramic crown or veneer and can already visualize the esthetic end result. But then it happens: you open the furnace and the crown seems gray and lifeless. It doesn't have to be that way. Read the case reports from enthusiastic colleagues who have tried the brilliant VITA AMBRIA press ceramic. Get to know the impressive vibrant play of colors of this lithium disilicate press ceramic. Take a look behind the scenes at VITA and find out why – with the VITA press ceramic – you can always rely on the correct tooth shade.

Three good reasons

These three points convinced the dental technician:

  • Good results that are reproducible
  • Multifaceted, warm play of colors
  • Impressive shade fidelity

For colleagues who are considering switching to another press ceramic, Stephan Juckel has the following advice: "It takes courage to be open to something new. However, questioning familiar things and trying new approaches was beneficial for me."

"With VITA AMBRIA, the press technique is suddenly really enjoyable again. That really is very motivating."

If you would like to find out more about what changed for this master dental technician as a result of switching to this press ceramic, and how you too can benefit from it, then click here.

"Case reports from colleagues with the VITA AMBRIA press ceramic"

Internal tests by VITA Zahnfabrik showed flexural strength of approx. 400 MPa for the VITA AMBRIA press ceramic. That is significantly higher than the standard requirement. In addition, strength can be increased to approx. 550 MPa by subsequent tempering. At 2.3 MPa√m, the fracture toughness of VITA AMBRIA is also of a very high standard that is already within the range of modern, extra-translucent zirconia (VITA YZ XT).

Long-term stability, thanks to good mechanical properties

When finishing the restorations, you can appreciate what a homogeneous microstructure really means: in almost no time at all, the VITA AMBRIA press ceramic can be polished to a high-gloss finish.

Easy polishing and finishing

You can process VITA AMBRIA using your routine approach without making fundamental changes to your processing steps or replacing your laboratory equipment. VITA AMBRIA is compatible with standard press furnaces. A special calibration chart is provided for configuring the press parameters. Once the configuration has been correctly set, you can rely on precision-fit results.

Routine processing with proven laboratory equipment

The fascinating photo-optical properties of VITA AMBRIA can already be seen in the pellet with its opalescent play of colors. Based on VITA Zahnfabrik's many years of expertise in tooth shades, VITA Zahnfabrik has developed shade formulations for this press ceramic that enable outstanding reliability when it comes to reproduction of natural tooth shades. The restorations have a vibrant, warm appearance and integrate perfectly with the natural dentition.

Correct tooth shades and good photo-optical properties

Experience reports from colleagues

Lithium disilicate press ceramics have secured a permanent place in the dental laboratory. Many dental technicians love the press technique, and with good reason. However, things have not always gone as well as planned. For example, restorations can seem too gray in the patient's mouth, or too bright even if the correct shade has been selected. Perhaps you have experienced these or other difficulties, too. But what can be done? Switch immediately to a new ceramic? It's a difficult decision. Fortunately, other colleagues have already taken this step and can share their experiences with you here.

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"Why correct tooth shades require absolute precision"

Case reports from colleagues

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Experience reports from colleagues

Experience reports from colleagues

Dental Technician Stephan Juckel

Press ceramic in the correct tooth shade

Checking the shade fidelity of a crown made from VITA press ceramic on the model, link to report