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VITA Easyshade V supports dentists and dental technicians with everything from tooth shade determination and communication, to reproduction and checking the shade of the finished ceramic dental restoration, improving process reliability.

Why use digital shade determination?

VITA Easyshade V – Enthusiastic users. Satisfied patients.

Intuitive touch display on the VITA Easyshade V

VITA Easyshade V - Enthusiastic users

Digital tooth shade determination is significantly more precise than visual determination

“With VITA Easyshade, nearly 100% of the shade measurements were correct.”

PD Dr. Karl Martin Lehmann, Mainz, Germany

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Reliable Workflow

"Shade determination can be stan­dardized with VITA Easyshade V."

Dr. José Gabriel Martínez, Barcelona, Spain

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Fast and reliable tooth shade determination for removable prosthetics

"VITA Easyshade V is a practical aid for quickly selecting denture-made teeth in the right shade."

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hassel, Mannheim, Germany

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For best results: Digital shade communication between practice and laboratory

"Achieving predictable results with digital shade communication."

Dentist Dr. Philipp Grohmann, Berikon, Switzerland

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Documentation and simulation of bleaching results

VITA mobileAssist & VITA mobileAssist+

VITA mobileAssist

Thanks to the convenient mobileAssist app, transferring tooth shade information between the practice and the laboratory is easy and efficient. The data from VITA Easyshade V is wirelessly transmitted to the app via an internal Bluetooth interface and can be combined with a patient photo and sent through e-mail. All of the relevant tooth shade information and patient photos can be sent conveniently from a smartphone or tablet.

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VITA mobileAssist+

VITA mobileAssist + was developed for Easyshade devices with integrated bleaching mode (from series number H58600). It enables the simulation of the bleaching treatment and a comparison between the initial situation and the simulated result.

Scope of functions:

  • Transmission of the measurement results of the VITA Easyshade V via Bluetooth to VITA mobileAssist +
  • Taking a patient photo with the camera function or use of a stored photo
  • Combination of the tooth shade information with the patient photo
  • Display of the tooth shade information in VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER, VITA classical A1 - D4, VITABLOCS shades or bleaching value
  • Detailed information on the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and VITA classical A1 - D4 shades, as well as a display of the L*C*h / L*a*b values
  • Recognition of the dental arch for the bleaching simulation
  • Realistic, digital simulation of possible bleaching results on the patient photo with before/after view
  • Comment function
  • Sending via setup messenger or e-mail

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Details and Downloads

Easys handling – Precise shade information

VITA Easyshade V is a digital shade measurement device for determining the tooth shade of natural teeth and veneered ceramic restorations precisely, quickly and reliably.

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Shade determination of ceramic restorations with the VITA Easyshade V

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