Implant-supported crown reconstruction of hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC multiColor

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hassel
Dentist, Mannheim, Germany 

Restorations and implants are exposed to especially high loads. After extraction and implantation, the patient lacks the elastic fiber apparatus of the natural dental bed. As a result, chewing forces are not absorbed, but transmitted directly to the restoration, the implant, the bone and the opposing dentition. The hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC provides a dual network structure of ceramic (86 wt%) and polymer (14 wt%). This results in a dentin-like elasticity and the ability to absorb chewing forces. Due to its high vertical dimension, the polychrome blank VITA ENAMIC multiColor in the EMC-16 geometry enables the production of one-piece, monolithic abutment crowns, even with atrophied bone. In the following article, dentist Professor Dr. Alexander Hassel demonstrates how he provides a patient with this type of restoration.

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