The ultimate five-step guide for getting started with digital dentures

Do you already have some knowledge about digital dentures and would now like to delve deeper into the topic? This "Guide for Beginners" will help you get started. Get practical tips and specific recommendations for your everyday lab work. 

The guide "Digital dentures for beginners"

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This guide is free of charge

I read the guide for the fabrication of digital dentures with great interest. The guide convinces with many illustrations of the entire workflow and with many tips facilitating the daily routine.

Benjamin Zilke, DT, Wallenhorst, Germany, 05/21

The guide is divided into five topics:

  1. What organizational and technical prerequisites you need to create in order to start successfully 
  2. What you should consider when choosing the "right" CAD software and tooth library 
  3. How to ensure the best possible interaction between the scanner, CAM unit and materials 
  4. How to digitally fabricate dentures step by step – from digital impressions to milling dentures 
  5. The key factors in manual fabrication that ensure that you deliver highly esthetic results 

Scope: 26 pages packed with knowledge
Price: The guide is free of charge! 

The guide "Digital denture for beginners" provides a good overview of the different manufacturing processes and materials. A good basis for all technicians who are interested in digital prosthetics.

Andreas Buchheimer, DT, Schopfheim, Germany, 05/21
The guide "Digital dentures for beginners"

Guide "Digital Dentures for Beginners"

The ultimate 5-step guide for getting started with digital dentures 

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