Excellent esthetics with the ‘one bake’ technique: Precise layering and stable firing results with VITA LUMEX AC

Sofiane Ouazene, Dental technician
Algiers, Algeria

Dental technicians want a stable veneering ceramic that works as expected, while also covering every natural nuance from the dentine core to the incisal edge. Firing stability and shade stability are essential in this respect. After firing, it should be possible to recognize the shape and shade of layering details in a restoration. Otherwise, all the effort will have been for nothing. This may sound obvious, but it is often not the case in practice. As a result, dental technicians face something they really don't like: time-consuming corrective firing that can cause deviations in shade and shape every single time it is carried out. That's why ‘one bake’ is the technique of choice, with results that offer immediate shape and shade stability. In the following case example, dental technician Sofiane Ouazene (Algiers, Algeria), a specialist in all-ceramics, shows how this can be achieved step-by-step with detailed microlayering and the leucite-reinforced glass ceramic VITA LUMEX AC (VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany).

Initial situation vs. final result

The highly esthetic result after finishing using mechanical means only. Prepared for a full crown: model dies on 11 and 21.

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