The VITA VIONIC VIGO tooth from different perspectives and a digitally produced denture base

How you can get more out of your laboratory with digital dentures

Read more about a colleague's experience with digital dentures and let us explain to you how digital full dentures will advance your laboratory.

You have probably already heard and read a lot about the digital production of full dentures. Perhaps you have asked yourself whether you can really trust the promises made by the manufacturers and the information from the trade press? Many dental technicians also ask themselves whether the technology is really so advanced that it is worthwhile for them to get started with digital full dentures? In such a case, it is valuable to be able to “interview” an experienced colleague who is already using the new technology. In this report you can now read how a colleague, dental technician Okke Kamps (Uden, Netherlands), has successfully built up the digital production of full dentures in his laboratory over the past few years.

Getting started with digital denture manufacturing was not easy

Dental technician Okke Kamps runs the “Centrum voor Mondzorg” in Uden, Netherlands, together with dentist Vincent Colenbrander. Seven years ago, the dental technician/dentist team took the first step towards digitally manufacturing. A scanner was the start (the scanner was supported by Cordent B.V.). Technician Okke Kamps is driven by his passion for natural, esthetic dentures, his interest in new, digital technologies that are highly efficient, and in producing full dentures of the best quality every day in a highly efficient manner.

Getting started with digital dentures wasn't easy, but today digital processes are the most efficient way for us to produce full dentures.

Dental technician Okke Kamps at work in his laboratory

"For us, the great advantage of digital dentures is that we need significantly fewer sessions for our patients' restorations than with conventional production," says Okke Kamps. That is why, for him, digital full dentures are the most efficient way of producing full dentures today. However, the introduction to digital dentures around four years ago was as bumpy as an outdoor motorcycle race. “However, the experience from our time as beginners was important for our progress,” explains the dental technician. CAD software and materials were not yet at today’s level at that time. A satisfying esthetic result could not be achieved, and the manufacturing process did not run smoothly either. "I'm not a video gamer," says Okke Kamps, "I had to really get myself into the whole digital world."

Information about the dental laboratory

Name & place: Centrum voor Mondzorg, Uden (Netherlands)

Owner: Dental Technician Okke Kamps, Dentist Vincent Colenbrander

Technical equipment:

  • Scanner & CAD software: Trios 3, 3shape E4 labscanner and 3shape dental design program
  • 3D printer: Production of try-ins using ASIGA MAX series, Nextdent 5100
  • CAM milling unit: Production of final denture using Imes Icore by Cordent 3D milling center, Maartensdijk  (Netherlands)
Dental technician Okke Kamps checks the virtual set-up of the teeth on the computer.
Dental technician Okke Kamps fixes VITA VIONIC VIGO teeth in a milled denture base.
Dental technician Okke Kamps customises a denture base with VITA VM LC flow.
Dental technician Okke Kamps and a patient trying on a denture
Tablet with a screenshot from the webinar "Digital dentures for beginners"

Online success course "Digital dentures for beginners"

Learn how digital dentures will advance your laboratory and how to start successfully with a 3-step timetable.

A new level has been achieved with dentures made from VITA materials

A year and a half ago, a contact with the VITA dental factory gave rise to the opportunity to produce digital dentures made of VITA VIONIC material in cooperation with the Cordent Milling Center (Cordent B.V., Maartensdijk, Netherlands). "VITA helped us in many places. But in the end it was the high motivation of my team that allowed us to take a big step forward with digital dentures." Even at the start with VITA VIONIC, a few hurdles had to be overcome. "We learned a lot about the design process of dentures during this time," says Okke Kamps. For example, everything was designed, calculated, and prepared, but the files could not be loaded in the end. "We constantly learned from these experiences, also in cooperation with VITA," recalls Okke Kamps.

The esthetic result of a denture made of VITA material is very good. Our patients cannot detect any difference between a conventional and a digitally manufactured denture.

With VITA VIONIC, an excellent esthetic level has been achieved for digital dentures, which is also reflected in the positive reactions of patients. Today, you cannot tell any difference from a denture that was made traditionally by hand. "With the VITA VIONIC VIGO denture tooth, the esthetic properties immediately convinced us and the tooth was specially developed so that we can quickly and easily bond it into milled or printed denture bases. With VITA VIONIC, you can easily assemble a digital denture – in principle just like Legos, explains the dental technician. In addition, according to Okke Kamps, a prefabricated "digital" tooth can achieve a much better result than, for example, a milled dental arch.

With VITA VIONIC, you can easily assemble a digital denture – in principle, it works the same way as with Legos.

Investing in digital full dentures pays off

Today, the entire process of producing digital dentures runs without any problems, so that the investments made for the Centre for Oral Health paid off. "At first, you only see the investment in digital dentures, because the VITA VIONIC material is also in the upper price segment," reports Okke Kamps. However, the figures from the practice now clearly support the digital process. While Kamps managed for example one denture per day in conventional production, today he can make three to four "digital" dentures. In addition, fewer treatment appointments are needed for patients. Further advantages for the dental technician are that the digital process leaves more time for quality control.

5 good reasons for the introduction of digital full dentures

  1. Higher efficiency: Instead of 1 denture per day, up to 4 dentures

  2. Speed: Care for patients in fewer sessions

  3. Reliability: Achieve esthetically und technically good results reliably

  4. Tested quality: More time for quality control

  5. Easy workflow

To colleagues who also want to get into digital full dentures, the dental technician gives the following advice: "Start with small steps. When investing in digital dentures, you also decide to take a bit of a risk. Think about partnerships, e.g., with a milling center, for example, if you don't already have a 3D printer or milling unit today." From his point of view, the VITA VIONIC VIGO teeth speak for the VITA VIONIC System with their very good esthetic properties, the extensive VITA dental library in the CAD software of 3Shape, and the fact that the entire process from digital installation to bonding works smoothly.

Tablet with a screenshot from the webinar "Digital dentures for beginners"

Online success course "Digital dentures for beginners"

Learn how digital dentures will advance your laboratory and how to start successfully with a 3-step timetable.

With digital dentures, the laboratory is well positioned for the future

Okke Kamps is visibly proud today that he has continued on the path to full digital dentures with his team, despite some hurdles and setbacks. It feels good to be prepared for the digital future, says the co-owner of the Center for Oral Health in Uden. Together with VITA, he is working to further improve the CAD software, prefabricated teeth, and materials. "Perhaps in the future we will completely switch to digital production of dentures. We don't necessarily want to expand, but we want to be even more efficient."

Report: 06/21

Photos: Hannah Anthonysz

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