Webinar "Efficient CEREC Workflow for Esthetic Restorations"

Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to fabricate defect-oriented restorations using CEREC, without compromising on esthetics? Do you want to optimize your workflow and reduce treatment time?

Our course video offers the right tips and tricks for a smooth workflow and improved esthetics, so you can achieve optimum clinical results using VITABLOCS.

Our course is comprised of two parts:

  • Part one is a presentation with helpful insights on all the steps. To explain the theory, clinical cases are shown using VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte.
  • Part two is a practical demonstration that guides you through the CEREC scan and design phases, as well as final polishing of the restoration.

Watch the course now

The course is available now – part one and part two can be downloaded separately. This course is free of charge.

VITABLOCS – Efficient CEREC Workflow for Esthetic Restorations

Part 1: Presentation

Part 2: Practical Demonstration

Course structure: How to improve your workflow with CEREC

  1. Fundamentals and material selection
    Learn more about the VITABLOCS feldspar ceramic and discover the possibilities of the multicolor blocks.
  2. The right preparation
    Lay the foundation for a smooth workflow with practical tips and tricks for a successful preparation.
  3. Successful CEREC design
    Find out more about effective scanning and design in the CEREC system. Learn how you can easily customize your restoration using the features of a multichromatic block.
  4. Optimal finalization
    Improve your polishing results with these tips for the ideal technique.
  5. Strong bonding
    Learn how to bond feldspar ceramic correctly for long-term clinical success. 

In the practical demonstrations in Part two of the course, find out more about careful scanning, the right design and the best polishing techniques.

Theory presentation (part one): approx. 30 minutes
Practical demonstration (part two): approx. 30 minutes

The course is free of charge!

Webinar "Efficient CEREC Workflow for Esthetic Restorations"

Learn the right tips and tricks for a smooth workflow and improved esthetics in our course video with a presentation and practical demonstration.

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