CAD/CAM-fabricated endocrown made of the hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC multiColor

Dr. Oxana Naidyonova
Dentist, Karaganda, Kazakhstan 

Using endocrowns to restore deeply damaged teeth that have undergone root canal treatment is a defect-oriented and minimally invasive procedure. In contrast to full crown preparations, tooth substance preservation is a top priority for endocrowns. However, in these kinds of cases, this requires CAD/ CAM materials such as the biomimetic hybrid ceramic material VITA ENAMIC, that allow for extremely delicate reconstructions with minimum wall thicknesses and material properties that exhibit tooth-like behavior. In the following case, the hybrid ceramic was also selected because its high edge stability allows it to be processed precisely with CAM technology, and it ensures a secure adhesive attachment, according to the proven all-ceramic protocol.
Dentist Dr. Oxana Naidyonova shows her step-by-step procedure for a VITA ENAMIC multiColor restoration.

VITA ENAMIC multiColor endocrown: Initial situation vs. final result

RESULT: VITA ENAMIC multiColor integrated perfectly into the natural tooth substance. The insufficient composite filling on tooth 14 (OD) had led to inflammations in the interdental space.

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