VITA mobileAssist

VITA mobileAssist

Thanks to the convenient mobileAssist app, transferring tooth shade information between the practice and the laboratory is easy and efficient. The data from VITA Easyshade V is wirelessly transmitted to the app via an internal Bluetooth interface and can be combined with a patient photo and sent through e-mail. All of the relevant tooth shade information and patient photos can be sent conveniently from a smartphone or tablet.

VITA mobileAssist+

VITA mobileAssist + enables the efficient communication of tooth shade information between dentists and dental laboratories or patients. Tooth shade information measured using the VITA Easyshade V is transferred via Bluetooth to the VITA mobileAssist App +. This information can be combined with a patient photo to document, store and send the initial situation and the individual characteristics of patient teeth.

VITA mobileAssist + was developed for Easyshade devices with integrated bleaching mode (from series number H58600). It enables the simulation of the bleaching treatment and a comparison between the initial situation and the simulated result.

Scope of functions:

  • Transmission of the measurement results of the VITA Easyshade V via Bluetooth to VITA mobileAssist +
  • Taking a patient photo with the camera function or use of a stored photo
  • Combination of the tooth shade information with the patient photo
  • Display of the tooth shade information in VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER, VITA classical A1 - D4, VITABLOCS shades or bleaching value
  • Detailed information on the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and VITA classical A1 - D4 shades, as well as a display of the L*C*h / L*a*b values
  • Recognition of the dental arch for the bleaching simulation
  • Realistic, digital simulation of possible bleaching results on the patient photo with before/after view
  • Comment function
  • Sending via setup messenger or e-mail