VITA Easyshade® V

Perfect shade determination, maximum reliability

The VITA Easyshade V digital spectrophotometer was developed for precise, fast and reliable shade determination of natural teeth and ceramic restorations.

  • Precise and reproducible tooth shade determination in seconds, thanks to the latest measuring technology
  • Objective and reliable measurements, due to the LED technology that is unaffected by ambient conditions
  • Reliable and economical, thanks to precise tooth shade information in the VITA shade standards for reliable shade reproduction and reduced shade corrections
  • Simple and intuitive, thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen and software
  • Efficient, digital communication for exchanging information about tooth shade and images between the dental practice and the laboratory

VITA Easyshade® V products

VITA Easyshade® V
Description Prod. no.
VITA Easyshade V, 100-230V * Content: 1 Easyshade V Base Unit 1 Easyshade V Handpiece (incl. 2x NIMH accumulator) 1 Main power lead 1 Protective cap (2 x 18 pcs.) 1 Operating Manual and Quick User Guide DEASY5

VITA Easyshade® V

Technical data

  • Spectrophotometer, measurement range 400 - 700 nm
  • Inductive charging concept with long-life AA batteries
  • Output of all tooth shades in the established standard shade systems VITA classical A1-D4 and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER, as well as indication of the VITABLOCS shades and bleached index, in accordance with the American Dental Association
  • Display of lab and LCh values
  • Bluetooth interface for wireless communication with the VITA Assist PC software and VITA mobileAssist app
Product information brochure up to 4 pages

No. 10670 VITA Easyshade® V – Bleaching mode (Version 001)


No. 10136 VITA Easyshade V (Version 008)

No. 10136 VITA Easyshade V (Version 007)

No. 10527 VITA DENTIST SOLUTIONS (Version 004)


Dental Tribune 6/2004: Digitale Farbmessung in der Praxis, Dr. med. dent. Andres Baltzer und ZTM Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian (Version 001)


MK 11/2010: Farbkommunikation 2.0, Dr. Verena Grundmann, ZTM Holger Grundmann (Version 001)


Vom Farbbestimmungsgerät zum Multimedia-Tool. VITA Easyshade® (Version 001)


No. 1911/11 VITA DENTAL VISIONIST 1.9 (Version 001)

No. 1911/9 DENTAL VISIONIST 1.8 (Version 001)

Take advantage of beneficial new materials and technologies!

User manuals

No. 10180 VITA Easyshade V (Version 009)

No. 10180 VITA Easyshade V (Version 007)

No. 10188 VITA Easyshade V Quick start (Version 004)

No. 10188 VITA Easyshade V Quick start (Version 004)

No. 1506/2 VITA Easyshade Advance 4.0 (Version 002)


No. 1506/2 VITA Easyshade Advance 4.0 (Version 001)

No. 1996 Easyshade Advance 4.0 Quick start (Version 001)

No. 1996 Easyshade Advance Quick start (east european languages) (Version 001)

Software and Software updates

VITA Easyshade V Update V509I Pkg up to serial number 58599 (Version 010)


VITA Easyshade V Update V512bLE_Pkg ab Seriennummer 58600 (Version 012)

VITA Easyshade V – Instructions for software updates (Version 001)

Installation instructions

Product video

01_VITA Easyshade V_System setup (Version 001)


02_VITA Easyshade V_Infection protection shield (Version 001)


03_VITA-Easyshade-V_Activation-and-calibration (Version 001)


04_VITA Easyshade V_Correct measurement (Version 001)


05_VITA Easyshade V_Display natural tooth shade (Version 001)


06_VITA Easyshade V_Display VITABLOCS shade (Version 001)


07_VITA Easyshade V_Display bleached shade (Version 001)


08_VITA Easyshade V_Averaged measurement (Version 001)


09_VITA Easyshade V_Measurement of tooth area (Version 001)


10_VITA Easyshade V_Measurement of an existing crown in-vitro (Version 001)


11_VITA Easyshade V_Measurement on a ceramic restoration (Version 001)


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Is Easyshade a densitometer or a spectrophotometer?
  • VITA   Easyshade is a spectrophotometer. A defined light is passed into the tooth   and the remission spectrum measured.

Can the measuring tip become scratched without the anti-infection cover, and if so, does this affect .....

 ...... the measurement result?

  • The measuring tip will not be damaged when used normally, so the quality of the measurement results is maintained.
Can I perform intraoral measurement of crowns using VITA Easyshade Advance 4.0?
  • In restoration mode, selecting "User-Standards" and saving the measurement provides an approximation of classical and 3D shades for ceramic restorations.
Can the measurement results provided by my Easyshade become less accurate over time?
  • Easyshade automatically offsets external influences and any aging processes. However, the calibration block and the measuring tip must always be clean and undamaged (e.g. no scratches). Poor measurement results are often caused by calibration blocks that are not clean.
Do I have to use the anti-infection cover?
  • Measurement can be performed without the anti-infection cover. In this case, the device must be properly disinfected after each patient.

Why do my measurement results not match those of my visual shade determination?
  • Determining   tooth shade is a very subjective procedure. That is why visual tooth shade   determination on the same tooth by different people also delivers different   results. Studies have shown only approximately 16% correspondence between the   shades taken by three different dental professionals.

Why do measurement results vary for the same tooth?

This could be due to the following:

  • The measurement location is not at the center of the basic shade
  • Extreme tooth properties or discoloration
What happens if I don't place the measuring tip correctly on the tooth surface?
  • This can lead to incorrect measurement.

What impact does the anti-infection cover have during measurement?
  • Due to the optical principle adopted by Easyshade, measurement can be performed through a thin sheet without affecting the measurement result.