The new tooth generation for digital denture fabrication at the touch of a button

VITA VIONIC VIGO is a completely new generation of teeth made of SE polymer with a design perfected for the digital fabrication of dentures.

  • Increase productivity
    Economical fabrication without any manual/CAM reworking, thanks to a tooth design perfected for a digital workflow
  • Completion in a time-saving manner
    Time-saving finalization of the denture via adhesive bonding of the cervically sandblasted teeth in the base, without further auxiliary steps
  • Natural appearance at the push of a button
    Efficient reproduction of nature by means of prefabricated teeth with a vivid play of shape and color, as well as directly accessible digital denture setups
  • Process-reliable fabrication
    Reliable, digital fabrication using a coordinated material system, including a unique bonding solution for precise fixation of teeth

Not available in all markets. Official approval pending in some markets.

For highly efficient digital fabrication of full dentures with all common open CAM and 3D printing systems

VITA classical A1–D4®/bleach shades: 0M1, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B3, D3

  • 8 x upper anterior tooth moulds
  • 4 x lower anterior tooth moulds
  • 4 x upper & lower posterior tooth moulds

Light-curing, microparticle composite for extraoral use with fixed and removable restorations

CAD technology partners for VITA VIONIC®

  • 3Shape AS
  • exocad GmbH

CAM technology partners for VITA VIONIC® Systems:

  • imes-icore GmbH (CORiTEC series)
  • Roland DG (Roland DWX series)
  • Amann Girrbach AG (Ceramill Motion series)
  • Vhf camfacture AG (K-/S-/Z-/R-series)


  • MillBox
  • SUM3D Dental
  • hyperDENT Dental

Technical information
VITA VIONIC VIGO Kompatible Systeme (Version 007)

Working instructions

No. 10616 VITA VIONIC VIGO (Version 001)

No. 10671 VITA VIONIC VIGO (Version 001)

Concept brochure

No. 10617 VITA VIONIC VIGO (Version 001)

Mould maps

No. 10252/1 VITA PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS (Europa) (Version 005)


No. 1911/12 No. 1911/12 VITA DENTAL VISIONIST 2.9 (Version 001)

Order blocks

No. 10668M VITA VIONIC SOLUTIONS (Version 001)

Technical information

VITA VIONIC VIGO Kompatible Systeme (Version 007)

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TUTORIAL: Digital Prosthetics. Digital workflow