Efficient two-step polishing systems for excellent degree of gloss.

VITA polishing systems are used for reliable, efficient and material-specific surface treatment of restorations made of glass and hybrid ceramics (VITA SUPRINITY PC and VITA ENAMIC). They are available for intra- (clinical) and extraoral (technical) use.

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VITA Easyshade® V

For highly precise, digital shade determination!


Special and case reports from practices and laboratories!

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No. 1924 VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set (Version 002)

No. 2004 VITA SUPRINITY Polishing Set (Version 001)

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Preparation and reprocessing instructions VITA Polishing Instruments clinical (Version 001)

VITA Polish Cera (Version 001)

VITA Polish Hybrid (Version 001)

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No. 1408M VITA CAD/CAM Materials DENTAL SOLUTIONS (Version 013)

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General Risks (Version 002)

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