VITA Assist and VITA mobileAssist – reliable partners in tooth shade communication

VITA mobile Assist

In addition to the precise, efficient determination of the tooth shade with the aid of the VITA Easyshade V in a manner that is convenient for the patient, communication of the determined information plays a critical role in the professional development of the most suitable aesthetic and functional solution for the patient.

With VITA Assist and VITA mobileAssist, VITA offers two programs at the same time for support – for different demands and different platforms.

mobileAssist Behandlung

VITA mobileAssist.

Mobile communication of tooth shades couldn‘t be simpler.

Thanks to the smartphone app VITA mobileAssist, transferring tooth shade information between the practice and the laboratory just got easier. Using an internal Bluetooth® interface, data from VITA Easyshade® V and VITA Easyshade® Advance 4.0 can be transferred wirelessly to the app, combined with a patient photo and forwarded via data transfer in a matter of seconds. In this way, you can perform tooth shade communication using mobile technology at any time and can transfer all relevant information conveniently with your smartphone or tablet.

VITA Assist Behandlung

VITA Assist.

Professional tooth shade communication and documentation for the practice and laboratory

With VITA Assist, you can document and communicate the tooth shades determined using VITA Easyshade® in professional fashion. The unique VITA ShadeAssist software module combines digital patient photos with all relevant patient tooth shade information. At the same time, it also facilitates case documentation as well as providing the basis for in-depth discussion between the practice and the laboratory as part of optimum patient treatment.

VITA Assist supports you actively in the selection of appropriate CAD/CAM materials, in layering of ceramic restorations, as well as in the fabrication of complex restoration solutions for even the most complicated of cases. In this respect, you benefit from features such as:

• Wireless transmission of VITA Easyshade®data 
• Professional graphics post-processing of the patient photos for optimum documentation
• Integration option for digital X-ray images, detailed photos as well as contour images
• Versatile comment functions
• Active support functions for the selection of the most appropriate materials for each specifi c patient case