Les cas cliniques

There you can find examples documenting how challenging and complicated tasks were successfully completed by dental experts from all over the world. The way to achieve the goal is documented by photos and short descriptions in a step-by-step approach. This way you can get ideas from colleagues to solve complex tasks in a simple and fast manner.

VITA Patient case from Ludger Schlütter

Crowns and veneers

from Ludger Schlütter, Germany.

VITA Patient case from Urszula Młynarska

Tooth shade determination with VITA Easyshade®

from Urszula Młynarska, Poland.

VITA Patient case from Dr. Gerhard Werling

High-end mock-up with VITA ENAMIC® veneers

from Dr. Gerhard Werling, Germany.

VITA Patient case from Carlo Montesarchio

Technical procedure for the fabrication of full upper and lower dentures

from Carlo Montesarchio, Italy.

VITA Patient case from Björn Czappa

Manufacturing of an anterior bridge: framework material VITA YZ, veneered by VITA VM®9

from Björn Czappa, Germany.

VITA Patient case from Jürgen Freitag

Individualized VITA ENAMIC® anterior teeth

from Jürgen Freitag, Germany.

VITA Patient case from Urszula Młynarska

Anterior crowns on teeth 12, 11, 21, 22. Made up of VITA VMK Master®

from Urszula Młynarska, Polen.

VITA Patient case from Angelo Rossi

Inlay in tooth 26 made out of VITAVM®LC

from Angelo Rossi und Dr. Filippo Dini, Italy.

VITA Patient case from Andreas Hoffmann

Anterior crown made of VITABLOCS® TriLuxe

from Andreas Hoffmann, Germany.

VITA Patient case from Viktor Fürgut

Vita BLP: "BIOLogical prosthetics".
Total prosthetics using VITA PHYSIODENS®

from Viktor Fürgut, Germany.