Календарь VITA 2021

User tips on a monthly basis


To keep you updated with the latest innovations and product information, VITA has developed its annual calendar with helpful information that you can use in your daily work routines in both laboratories and practices.

In VITA’s 2021 calendar, dental professionals share their best practices and unique tips and tricks with you every month, featuring exciting live talks and insights into the various products. Check out our calendar pages every month to find valuable knowledge and helpful answers to your industry questions.

We look forward to working with you!

VITA calendar 2021 VITA VMK Master

High esthetics on metal frameworks

VITA VMK Master®

Dental Technician Bárbara Calero (Spain) works with VITA VMK Master if she wants to achieve a highly esthetic result when veneering on metal frameworks.

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VITA calendar 2021 VITA AMBRIA

VITA AMBRIA® – Divesting without Surprises


Dental Technician Samir Berisalić (Bosnia and Herzogewina) is a user of VITA AMBRIA press ceramic and finds it very easy to work with.

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