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Vacuum pump

VITA vacuum pump in a soundproof box for a stable vacuum and constant level of compressed air

Vacuum pump products

Vacuum pumps
Description Prod. no.
Vacuum pump (220 V) DVPU220
Energy savings of up to 70% with VITA dental furnaces

Energy savings of up to 70% with VITA dental furnaces

TÜV AUSTRIA certifies high energy efficiency

VITA Zahnfabrik is the first manufacturer of dental firing, press and sintering units in the world to have its current range of furnace models tested for energy efficiency by TÜV AUSTRIA Deutschland GmbH. All furnaces were awarded the "INNOVATIVE ENERGY PRODUCT" test certificate that distinguishes industrial products with pioneering energy-saving technology.

For environmentally-conscious businesses, energy efficiency that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and carbon neutrality is a objective and affects the company's balance sheet.

The latest proof of VITA´s commitment is energy-efficiency certification of the entire furnace portfolio. Thanks to targeted enhancement, the current VITA New Generation furnaces consume significantly less energy than the previous generation of models. In addition to a level of technical sophistication and reliability that is renowned throughout the industry, this is a further step by VITA towards increasing both the environmental compatibility and the cost-efficiency of its products.

Greater energy efficiency not only has a positive impact on the environment, it also cuts the cost of electricity. "In a nutshell, the customer really saves money", says Dr. Wolfgang Rauh, Head of the Dental Equipment Business Division at VITA, whose responsibilities also include furnace development. "The current VITA dental furnaces consume up to 70 % less energy than previous models. With approximately 1,000 customer operating hours annually for each dental furnace, this can quickly amount to several hundred euros. With a service life of over ten years, the potential of our efforts will be clearly felt financially by the customer."

TÜV AUSTRIA Deutschland GmbH specializes in the inspection and certification of management systems, for the environment, energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition to a reduced energy bill, the certificate awarded by the testing body is confirmation for operators of the current VITA VACUMAT, ZYRCOMAT and V60 i-Line product lines that they offer economic use of resources and utilize long-lasting materials in furnace production. This can be recognized by the "VITA Energy Efficiency Certified" label on the devices.

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