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Drawer for service

Rational, functional, economical

The VITA tooth inventory concept vario is geared towards the individual utilization requirements of your dental laboratory.

These ready-made storage elements feature a modular construction. You can choose between

  • the various module sizes "small", "medium" and "large",
  • the VITA PHYSIODENS, VITAPAN, VITAPAN PLUS and VIT LINGOFOM tooth brands (please note that storage elements for anterior and posterior teeth must be ordered independently from one another),
  • the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and the VITA classical A1 - D4 shades.

All manner of combinations is possible.
What we offer you is an economical inventory solution with maximum availability and an individual combination of the modules perfectly matched to the requirements of your dental laboratory.

Please contact the VITA field sales service directly for advice on an optimum inventory solution.


No. 990 VITA Zahnlager vario (Version 002)


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