Read the status of the firing process with the app

The new VITA FURNACE App allows you to monitor active firing programs on your smart phone. Your are automatically notified when the firing program has ended. Images and files can be transferred directly from the smart phone to the vPad. You can use this to create a new screensaver or view patient images, for example.

The app supports communication via WLAN from the VITA vPad excellence with the VITA VACUMAT 6000 M, VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP, VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000/6100 MS and VITA SMART.FIRE furnaces.

The VITA FURNACE App offers the following features:

  • The status display shows the progress of the current firing program. This enables you to improve your workflow and personal time management.
  • The Messenger function notifies you at the end of the program. This way downtime can be avoided.
  • Device data can be viewed and sent directly to the VITA Equipment Servicing team.
  • Activate or deactivate the standby function using the VITA FURNACE App and avoid losing time.
  • Photos and PDF documents can be transferred to the vPad.
  • User videos for VITA materials can be viewed with the VITA FURNACE App.

System: Android

Download the app from the Google Play Store.