VITAPAN EXCELL® Interview with master dental technician Conrad Frerichs

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Master dental technician Conrad Frerichs

Master dental technician Conrad Frerichs: „What makes the VITAPAN EXCELL dental prosthesis so lifelike is the natural-looking combination of layering, translucence, texture and brilliance!"

About the person

Master dental technician Conrad Frerichs, Managing Director of the PKC dental laboratory (Oldenburg, Germany), and his team have tested the new VITAPAN EXCELL premium prosthetic tooth. It is manufactured using the tried-and-tested VITA MRP (Microfiller Reinforced Polymermatrix) composite formulation. According to the manufacturer, the designated successor to the legendary VITAPAN tooth, is particularly efficient and highly esthetic.

What criteria does a modern dental prosthesis have to meet from your point of view?

It must be compatible with the various modern composites or veneering materials and offer a balanced overall composition with regard to esthetic criteria such as choice of shapes, translucency, play of color, etc.

What do you think of the shape of VITAPAN EXCELL dental prosthesis?

The new anterior tooth is very elegant; we were very impressed with the attractive length-to-width ratio, among other things. The tooth body of VITAPAN EXCELL is not as heavy as the VITA PHYSIODENS anterior with its high basal tooth volume.

What can you tell us about the shade and play of light with VITAPAN EXCELL?

The anatomical 3D structure with multiple layers and integrated shade gradient from the neck to the incisal edge, combined with the nuanced surface texture and an adequate translucency, ensure a brilliant play of color and light from deep within the tooth.

How would you assess the shade accuracy of VITAPAN EXCELL with respect to the shade guide?

It seemed a little darker to us, but when compared directly to the VITA classical A1–D4 shade guide, the shades matched in terms of basic tone.

What are the advantages of the uniquely layered structure of VITAPAN EXCELL?

The layered structure of the new dental prosthesis offers balanced translucency – translucent enough for a lifelike appearance but also sufficiently masking for combination work.

For which indications do you prefer the VITAPAN EXCELL?

Thanks to the features I just mentioned, the tooth can also be combined with telescopic constructions and ceramic veneers for a harmonious overall appearance. For this reason, we especially like to use it in combination work.


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