Highly esthetic restorations straight from the milling machine


The right block every time

Highly esthetic crowns and veneers in the visible region with VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte or VITABLOCS RealLife, designed with anterior crowns in mind

VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte are polychromatic feldspar blanks with an integrated four-layer shade gradient that replicates the natural play of color in the esthetic region.

VITABLOCS RealLife are polychromatic feldspar blanks with an integrated 3D layer structure that replicates the natural shade gradient in the anterior area.

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Multicolor leads the way

Monolithic and polychromatic: VITABLOCS are the latest trend

Monolithic restorations from blanks with an integrated shade gradient are becoming more and more popular. It's no wonder: these blocks and discs make life far easier for users as they fundamentally replicate the natural shade effect of dentition. This saves time and streamlines workflows.

Five reasons why polychromatic VITABLOCS are ideal for anterior applications:

  • Shade accuracy in line with VITA shade standards
  • Appearance similar to natural dentition
  • Easy to polish
  • Abrasion similar to enamel
  • High success and survival rate

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Clinical cases with the polychromatic VITABLOCS variant

Even more clinical case reports and product tests from all over the world:

"The biggest benefit of VITABLOCS is that it has simplified our processes."


The chairside block optimizes the workflow

Anyone who works with VITABLOCS knows why this feldspar ceramic for digital chairside treatment with CEREC has been a real success story for decades. The experiences of two completely different and highly successful users provide interesting insights into the potential that VITABLOCS has to offer for the dental practice.

Success stories with VITABLOCS


Proven quality

The VITABLOCS CAD/CAM ceramic has been a real classic for decades, with a scientifically proven success story. Read more about the potential of VITABLOCS and the available scientific data. Find out what makes this CAD/CAM material so unique.

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CEREC & VITABLOCS are pioneers

Success stories with VITABLOCS

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