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Success stories are being written with VITABLOCS all over the world. What have your fellow dental professionals achieved with this material? Why do they place their trust in VITABLOCS? Here you can learn more about the success story, discover interesting clinical case studies, and find out how you can use a material that has been proven a million times over to create highly esthetic restorations quickly and conveniently.

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Clinical case studies and product evaluations

VITABLOCS: The CEREC material used all over the world

Do you have an unusual and complicated case? Or a standard restoration for a patient whose smile and confidence you would like to restore in just a single session. Your fellow dental professionals from all over the world have used VITABLOCS to successfully treat interesting patient cases. How do they rate the material and what has their experience been of the handling, esthetics and long-term durability of VITABLOCS?

Discover clinical case studies now, and read product evaluations from across the world!

„Clinical case studies with VITABLOCS“


Success in the dental practice with VITABLOCS

From the first steps in digital dentistry to a proven model for success

Anyone who works with VITABLOCS knows why this feldspar ceramic for digital chairside treatment with CEREC has been a real success story for decades. The experiences of two completely different and highly successful users provide interesting insights into the potential that VITABLOCS has to offer for the dental practice.

I am happy and grateful to have been involved with and to have experienced the development of chairside fabrication at first hand.

PD Dr. Andreas Bindl, Associate University Professor in Zurich, Switzerland, 8/21

Are you looking for a genuine success strategy for your dental practice? Dr. Michael Tsao from Taipei, Taiwan also spent a long time searching for his personal fulfillment in dentistry. After various attempts in different specializations, he found a technology whose time had come and with which he was able to write his very own success story. Find out what route Dr. Tsao chose to take and let yourself be inspired by concrete background knowledge for your daily practice routine.

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Dr. Michael Tsao, Taipei, Taiwan, 08/21

The biggest benefit of VITABLOCS is that it has simplified our processes.

Dr. Michael Tsao, Taipei, Taiwan, 08/21

Read more about the success story of your colleagues and find out how you can develop your practice with VITABLOCS!

„Success in the dental practice with VITABLOCS“


CEREC & VITABLOCS are pioneers

An invention that revolutionized dentistry

CEREC and VITABLOCS – Traveling through time provides insight into this fascinating shared history. CEREC is synonymous with CAD/CAM fabrication of dental restorations. It's an approach that revolutionized dentistry in just a few decades. The VITABLOCS feldspar ceramic was part of this legendary success story right from the start. However, without enthusiastic visionaries and motivated pioneers, neither CEREC nor VITABLOCS would exist today. So how does a vision become a real innovation? Four protagonists join us as we take a closer look at the real story behind the success.

You can read the fascinating story of the continuous innovation of CEREC and VITABLOCS from the point of view of these four pioneers. Join them as they travel back in time and find out what lies behind the decades of success of VITABLOCS and CEREC. Dentistry – State-of-the-art.

A legendary success story about courage, enthusiasm and the belief in an idea! 

„CEREC & VITABLOCS are pioneers“


VITABLOCS: Reliability you can count on

A scientifically proven success story

The VITABLOCS feldspar ceramic has been a continuous success story for decades. Quietly, and thanks to solid, reliable results, this CAD/CAM material has become a real talking point. Long-term observations show outstanding, proven success rates.

For decades, dentists and researchers across the world have documented their work with VITABLOCS. During this time, a wealth of impressive scientific and clinical data has been assembled that demonstrates the long-term stability of the material, both in terms of function and esthetics. It's a resume that is unparalleled.

Since 1990, more than 30 million VITABLOCS blanks have been processed. The success rates are impressive – VITABLOCS is considered the gold standard!

Sometimes, data and numbers say more than words. Clinical and scientific studies confirm: 

“Restorations made from VITABLOCS offer good, long-term functionality.”


Data and facts about VITABLOCS

Premium esthetics made easy

Would you also like to create highly esthetic restorations simply, conveniently and straight from the machine? No problem! Choose between VITABLOCS Mark II (the monochrome feldspar ceramic block), VITABLOCS Triluxe forte (the polychrome block with a horizontal shade gradient) and VITABLOCS RealLife (the polychrome block with a three-dimensional shade gradient) and get started.

Convincing arguments for VITABLOCS

  • The longest proven CEREC material
  • Ease of workability and reliability
  • Extensive scientific studies prove reliability and long-term stability
  • Polychromatic blanks for a natural shade gradient
  • Impressive light optics thanks to a chameleon effect
  • Secure adhesive bond
  • Processing that is gentle on grinding tools
  • State-of-the-art for chairside use

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“Data and facts about VITABLOCS”

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CEREC & VITABLOCS are pioneers

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