VITA V60 i-Line® PLUS

Superior performance. No compromises.

The VITA V60 i-Line PLUS focuses on two central aspects: outstanding firing results over a long period of time and intuitive user-friendliness. In its timeless design, the new furnace combines proven quality and modern technology at an attractive price.


  • Uniquely user-friendly operation thanks to the touch display and intuitive menu navigation combined with a minimalist design
  • Set up & and get started: no complicated assembly process – simply connect, switch on and start working!
  • Made in Germany: with superior engineering skill and outstanding quality.
  • VITA quality: the finest grade materials and components are used with just one goal: reliability that makes no compromises.
  • Easy servicing: modular structure, easy access to all wear parts as well as neat arrangement of parts that is unrivalled make servicing easier as well as reducing costs.
  • High-performance technology: a real workhorse. Extremely robust, with integrated protection against current fluctuations as well as a particularly long-lasting VITA quartz muffle.
  • Focus on the essentials: a definitive, proven furnace concept that deliberately leaves out expensive additional features. This device concentrates on delivering its core functionality, in absolutely reliable fashion.

VITA V60 i-Line® PLUS products

VITA V60 i-Line®
Description Prod. no.
VITA Silver Test Set
To test the temperature inside ceramic furnaces, contains 6 ceramic
sockets and 3 silver rods each 70 mm long and 1.5 mm Ø
Description Prod. no.
VITA V60 i-Line® PLUS (230 V) Accessories: 1 firing base 1 power supply cable 1 connection cable for the vacuum pump 1 vacuum tube 2 firing object storage trays at the side 1 Operating manual DV60IP220
VITA V60 i-Line® accessory
Description Prod. no.
VITA V60 i-Line® TOOLBOX * Metal box with: 1 Whiteboard foil 1 foil pencil 1 Furnace tweezer (25 cm) 1 pack of firing bases G 1 pack of firing trays A+B+C DTOOL

VITA V60 i-Line® PLUS

Technical functions

  • Maximum temperature accuracy (plus / minus 2 °C) for optimum firing results
  • Convenient operation that saves you time, modest space requirements
  • 2 firing object storage trays at the side
  • Firing chamber fitted with high quality insulation material
  • Quartz firing muffle
  • Temperature sensor (platinum / rhodium-platinum)
  • Automatic temperature calibration

Technical Data 


Width  260 mm 
Depth  420 mm 
Height  570 mm 
Weight  18 kg 
Housing  Sheet steel, powder coated 
Firing chamber diameter  90 mm 
Firing chamber height  55 mm 
Maximum firing temperature  Max. 1200°C 
Power supply  230 Volt, 50 Hz or 100/110 volts, 50/60Hz 
Maximum energy usage  Max. 1,5 kW 
Classifi cation  Safety Class 1 
Display 7 Inch

Accessories (can be purchased separately):

  • Vacuum pump: 230 / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz or 100 V, 50 / 60 Hz.
Product information brochure up to 4 pages

No. 10811 VITA V60 i-Line PLUS (Version 001)

No. 1985 VITA V60 i-Line (Version 001)

Instructions for use

No. 10000 VITA V60 i-Line (Version 004)


No. 10000 VITA V60 i-Line (Version 003)

No. 10000 VITA V60 i-Line (Version 002)


No. 10792 VITA V60 i-Line PLUS (Version 002)


No. 10101 VITA dental furnaces (Version 010)

No. 10101 VITA dental furnaces (Version 009)


Brennöfen: Zuverlässige Alltagsbegleiter (Version 001)

Software and Software updates

221005 Update Ofen VITA V60 i-Line (Version 005)

230717 Update Ofen VITA V60 i-Line PLUS (Version 002)

Installation instructions VITA V60 i-line (Version 002)

Execution of software update

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