VITA MFT® Anterior

For solid, standard dentures with the best cost efficiency

Basic anterior teeth made of HC polymer material for solid standard dentures.


  • reliable production of solid, esthetic dentures
    thanks to natural incisal edge characteristics and angle features
  • simple replication of a natural play of light
    thanks to a balanced enamel-dentine relationship, integrated mamelons and texture
  • reliable shade reproduction
    thanks to good accuracy to the VITA shade standard (VITA classical A1–D4®)


  • universal tooth geometry with natural shape
  • attractive, natural incisal design

Special features

  • balanced enamel-dentine ratio for a natural play of light
  • nuance-rich surface texture with integrated mamelons
  • 3D-layered structure for natural shade gradient
  • solid standard provision for full/partial dentures

Suitable for all established concepts of lingual and balanced occlusion: e.g. according to Gysi, according to Prof. A. Gerber, according to APF/TIF, according to ABC


  • 15 x VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® shades 0M1, 0M3, 1M1, 2L1.5, 2M1, 2M2, 3L1.5, 3L2.5, 3M1, 3M2, 3M3, 3R2.5, 4L1.5, 4M2, 5M1
  • 16 x VITA classical A1–D4® shades*

* Some of the VITA MFT classical shades represent the best possible approximation to the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades.


  • 12 x upper anterior tooth moulds (divided into four mould groups)
  • 5 x lower anterior tooth moulds

VITA MFT® Anterior kits

VITA MFT tooth storage
2S storage:

  • 72 sets / 432 Anteriors*
  • 48 sets / 384 Posteriors*

Available in VITA classical A1–D4® and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® shades**

*) Note: You will receive the most frequently used moulds and shades with the packaged tooth storage. We are also happy to put together storage systems according to your individual specifications.
**) see available shades

VITA MFT mould chart
Metal case with all moulds for selecting teeth:

  • VITA MFT Anterior
VITAFOL® H Silikon-Isolierfilm

VITAFOL® H Silikon-Isolierfilm
Protects denture and ceramic teeth during denture fabrication

VITACOLL® Haftvermittler

VITACOLL® Haftvermittler
Bonding agent for denture teeth


Light-curing, microparticle composite for extraoral use with fixed and removable restorations


Reliable reproduction of individual shade effects

Instructions for use

VITA MFT / Kurzversion (Version 001)


No. 10251/1 VITA PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS (Europa) (Version 007)

No. 10251/2 VITA PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS (ROW) (Version 007)


No. 1963 VITA MFT Setup guide (Version 003)

Concept brochure

No. 10488 VITA MFT (Version 004)

No. 10488 VITA MFT (Version 003)

Mould maps

No. 10252-2 VITA MFT mould chart (Version 008)

No. 10252/1 VITA PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS (Europa) (Version 008)

No. 10252/1 VITA PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS (Europa) (Version 007)

Scientific documentation

No. 10499 VITA MFT (Version 001)

Order blocks

No. 1610M VITA MFT (Version 003)

General Risks

General Risks (Version 002)

Residual Risks

VITA Teeth (Version 003)

Safety data sheets
Offer sheets and sales info

VITA MFT® – OFFRE SPECIALE ! (Version 001)


No. 10768 VITA MFT (Version 001)

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Patient cases with VITA MFT®

dental technician Vladimir Madyudya and dentist dr. Vladimir Orlovskyi, Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

Patient case from Darius Northey. Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and Patient case by dental technician Vladimir Madyudya and dentist dr. Vladimir Orlovskyi, Vinnytsia, Ukraine.