energy efficiency

Energy savings of up to 70% with VITA New Generation furnaces

TÜV AUSTRIA certifies high energy efficiency

VITA Zahnfabrik is the first manufacturer of dental firing, press and sintering units in the world to have its current range of furnace models tested for energy efficiency. In an interview with Dr. Wolfgang Rauh, Head of Business Division Dental Equipment at VITA Zahnfabrik, find out more about the impressive results achieved in independent testing, what benefits independent certification can offer compared with the approach to certification employed by other manufacturers, and what impact the potential energy savings can have on the user's electricity bill.

Dr. Rauh, energy efficiency often sounds like a fashionable topic favored by marketing experts. What is the background behind VITA Energy Efficiency?

"The label VITA Energy Efficiency will be awarded to all VITA devices that are proven to operate in a particularly energy-efficient fashion. This applies to current VITA New Generation equipment as well as to the VITA V60 i-Line. The label is based upon years of successful optimization measures regarding the use of particularly durable and economical components. At the same time, the continued development of the software enables further savings.

What exactly is the difference between the efforts of VITA and those of other companies?

VITA Energy Efficiency has been verified and certified by TÜV AUSTRIA Deutschland GmbH. All tested devices bear the TÜV label "ENERGY INNOVATIVE PRODUCT" (innovative energy product) that distinguishes industrial equipment that is particularly energy efficient. VITA is the first company in the dental industry to be awarded a label of this kind for its equipment and to undergo an independent audit. This clearly demonstrates that VITA Energy Efficiency is not our own certificate, but the independent evaluation of an external company.

Fig. Up to 50 % less energy consumption in standby operation, up to 70 % during universal sintering compared with the previous generation in each case.
*1 Comparison between VITA VACUMAT 4000 PREMIUM T and VITA VACUMAT 6000 M.
*2 Comparison between VITA ZYRCOMAT and VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS.

An objective evaluation sounds convincing. How does the customer benefit from these measures?

In a nutshell: the customer really saves money. The current VITA dental furnaces use up to 70% less energy than previous models. With approx. 1,000 customer operating hours annually for each dental furnace, this can quickly amount to several hundred euros. With a service life of over ten years, the potential of our efforts will be clearly felt financially by the customer. VITA Energy Efficiency offers a two-fold benefit for VITA customers: not only do they have a particularly economical device, but they are also part of ongoing further development. Each new update enables additional savings.

VITA VACUMAT 6000 M Special Edition in acht Farben

VITA VACUMAT 6000 M Special Edition in eight colors

Limited edition

90 years of pioneering innovation – 30 years of VITA VACUMAT: not one but two anniversaries inspired the development of a Special Edition of the premium ceramic furnace VITA VACUMAT 6000 M. This device, which has been optimized in terms of design, will be available from April in eight fashionable colors, supporting custom configuration with a variety of accessories.

In an interview with Björn Kersten, Head of Corporate Communications, read how the idea for this limited edition furnace came about, what role the wishes of our customers played in its development, and why this ceramic furnace is Ready for VITA SUPRINITY.

Mr. Kersten, the Special Edition of VITA VACUMAT 6000 M will be available in eight colors. How did VITA come up with this idea?

"VITA VACUMAT 6000 M is one of our most successful devices, with a large fan base throughout the world. 90 years of VITA and 30 years of VACUMAT – these two anniversaries provided us with a welcome opportunity to offer an exclusive promotion in order to say thank you for trusting us. We collected comments and requests from among our users and created a particularly special package: in addition to optimum equipment features and finishing touches in terms of design, we selected eight fashionable colors together with our customers and partners, in which this premium furnace will now be available in addition to the previous variants of anthracite and stainless steel."

Do you consider customizing the design to be an innovation?

"Absolutely. In addition to attributes such as professional and reliable, customers also associate VITA with fresh promotional ideas and innovative design. Including users in the development process, listening to what they have to say and understanding their needs has proven worthwhile – as has developing improvements on this basis that are actually inspired by what the customer wants. These new stimuli also provided us with worthwhile encouragement in the past to try something different – such as two years ago, for example, with the special "Edel-Weiss" edition of VITA VACUMAT 6000 M.

Obviously, it is not possible for every customer request to go into production 1:1. However, with the Special Edition and new options for individualization, we want to implement what is possible – and demonstrate to our customers in this way that we appreciate their commitment and comments. Interested customers can now decide for themselves what their personal furnace should look like. Be it "Yellow Star", for example, "Black Beauty" or "Blue Heaven": with its eight colors and side panels that can also be custom designed, as well as the screensaver for the control unit, this furnace is a real eye-catcher. The initial response from our customers has confirmed this theory for us."

Ready for VITA SUPRINITY – what does this mean, what is behind this promise?

With "Ready for VITA SUPRINITY", users can rest assured that their VACUMAT 6000 M is future-proof and equipped with everything they need in order to process the new zirconia-reinforced glass ceramic.

For the first time, this allows customers to avail of a furnace together with all standard firing trays and crown stands – including the honeycomb firing tray as well as the platinum pins required for VITA SUPRINITY. With the practice-oriented accessories package, which must normally be purchased separately, customers are provided with a fully equipped furnace. All they need to do is unpack it and connect it to get started straightaway.

The setup leaves nothing to be desired. The photo viewer provided with the vPad excellence control unit also allows work to be carried out perfectly chairside, for example, patient images can be viewed in the laboratory, and the fired object individualized immediately and then seated. In addition to a pleasing appearance, purchasers of the Special Edition also enjoy a financial benefit: with the highly attractive anniversary discount, they can really save money."

Fig.  A selection of eight fashionable colors: Black Beauty, Major Brown, Ruby Red, Yellow Star, Green Meadow, Forest Green, Turquoise Ocean and Blue Heaven.