An Economy Tooth in Premium Quality and Design.

VITA MFT can be used in many ways – for partial and complete prosthetics, as well as for hybrid and implant prosthetics. Since the occlusal surface has been designed to be multifunctional, the tooth line is also suitable for all common set-up concepts, VITA MFT (Multi Functional Teeth) is now available in all VITA classical A1 – D4 shades*. In addition, two VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades and the bleach shade 0M1 for posterior teeth have been added to the product range.

What are the distinctive characteristics of VITA MFT?

Thanks to the proven, functionally optimized design of the occlusal surfaces, setup can be simple and intuitive, just like cogwheel principle. The result: solid, reliable and esthetic prosthetics for anterior and posterior teeth. A balanced ratio of enamel and dentine replicates the play of light in a natural tooth. The prosthetic tooth can also be easily individualized by using the light-curing stains VITA AKZENT LC and VITA VM LC.

And patients also benefit: VITA MFT prosthetics are mechanically very stable and surface resistant. Due to the comprehensive range of shades, prosthetics can be made individually and in the suitable shades.

VITA MFT denture individualized with VITA AKZENT LC, Fig.: Alberto Ghandia Monzalvett, Spain

Product Information and Patient Cases

Easy Setup 

The multifunctional occlusal surfaces of the VITA MFT Posterior automatically find the correct occlusal relationship to the antagonist in the articulator. In the following video, dental technician Julian Garduño shows how easy it is to set up posterior teeth taking advantage of using the VITA EasyCentric.

Online Workshops 

Our online workshops introduce the design and easy setup of VITA MFT denture teeth. After a brief introduction, the main focus will be on practical demonstrations. Every step, from the model analysis to the modelling of a natural gingiva design, will be explained and demonstrated.

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* Some of the VITA MFT classical shades represent the best possible approximation to the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades.