Accessories for Press Ceramic

Investment material/liquid
Ideally matched to VITA AMBRIA press pellets, phosphate-bonded and speed-capable investment material with liquid for precise expansion control and flowability.


  • VITA AMBRIA INVEST P: available as 50 x 100 g pack
  • VITA AMBRIA INVEST F: available as 1-liter bottle

Press plunger
Disposable press plunger for simple handling, without timeconsuming blasting and preheating.

  • VITA AMBRIA PLUNGER: available as a pack of 50 pieces (diameter 13 mm)

Accessories for Press Ceramic products

Accessories for Press Ceramic
Description Prod. no.
VITA AMBRIA® INVEST F (investment liquid), 1000 ml LAMIF1000
VITA AMBRIA® INVEST P (investment powder), 50 x 100 g LAMIP10050
VITA AMBRIA® MUFFEL SYSTEM, 2 pieces (ring base and ring former), 100 g LAMMS100
VITA AMBRIA® MUFFEL SYSTEM, 2 pieces (ring base and ring former), 200 g LAMMS200
VITA AMBRIA® PLUNGER (disposable press plunger Ø 13 mm) 50 pieces LAMP1350
Instructions for use


Safety data sheets

SD184 VITAPM Investment Liquid (Version 002)

SD323 VITA AMBRIA INVEST P (Version 002)

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