Highly esthetic hybrid ceramics: VITA ENAMIC® multiColor

Highly esthetic hybrid ceramics: VITA ENAMIC® multiColor

All material advantages unchanged!

VITA ENAMIC has been an established solution for functional restorations since 2013. The successful material will attract attention at the IDS 2017 focusing on highly esthetic solutions. The unique structural design and all the associated advantages are retained without any modification: a porous pre-sintered fine structure feldspar ceramic block (86% wt%) is infiltrated with a polymer (14 wt%). This produces a robust and user-friendly CAD/CAM material that is quick and easy to process. Prepare and polish – done! No firing in the oven is required and individualization with composite is possible at any time. These are great features for labs and dental surgeries from an economic perspective. Integration takes place adhesively with hydrofluoric acid etching and silanation, analogous to feldspar ceramics. 

Clinical advantages for patients

The dominating ceramic component in the dual network structure ensures stability and esthetics, while the interacting polymer network facilitates a dentin-like flexibility for absorption of chewing forces as well as stopping crack development at the ceramic interfaces. Chipping and fractures are prevented. In minimally invasive or non-invasive restorations, the material can be ground thinner than pure full-ceramic CAD/CAD materials. Patients and clinicians report high wearing comfort due to the damping action. Patients with functional problems requiring total reconstructions can in particular profit from thin material layer thicknesses and the absorption of chewing forces. The shock-absorbing effect is also advantageous for implantology purposes since no elastic fiber apparatus is involved. The ability of VITA ENAMIC to absorb forces helps to compensate the rigid ankylotic anchorage of the implant. This relieves the bone, spares the antagonist and supports long-term success. 

High esthetics without individualization!

Highly esthetic versions of all the familiar advantages of VITA ENAMIC have been developed: a new integrated natural color gradient in six finely nuanced layers, from neck to incisal, is now available. The result is VITA ENAMIC multiColor! Even without individualization, this material with dual network structure ensures highly esthetic monolithic single-tooth restorations for front and side teeth. Esthetic rehabilitations can be conducted faster and easier in the digital workflow, making them more interesting for a larger patient group.