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Accessories Machinable Materials

The accessories for Machinable Materials make it easier to process these materials.

Accessories Machinable Materials products

Accessories Machinable Materials
Description Prod. no.
Shade guide for YZ COLORING LIQUID B428V1
Package of 150 g ZrO2 pearls for VITA In-Ceram YZ sinter firing E38002
Individual sintering dish Ø 74 mm for VITA ZYrcomat T E38006
Individual sintering crucible Ø 80 mm for VITA ZYrcomat T E38010
Combined pack sintering dish and crucible for VITA ZYrcomat T E38011
Individual sintering dish large Ø 92 mm for VITA ZYrcomat T E38012
Individual sintering crucible large Ø 100 mm for VITA ZYrcomat T E38013
Combined pack sintering dish and crucible large for VITA ZYrcomat T E38014
Sintering dish MS for VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS E38015
VITA YZ HT SHADE LIQUID Brush Set, Brush (size 2 and 4), 2 pcs. EC0C13
VITA CEREC Diamond Discs, Ø 30 mm, 5 pcs. ECDD5
VITA CEREC Propellant, 250 ml ECPN
VITA CEREC Powder, 12 g ECPO
VITA CEREC Sprayhead for propellant ECS
VITA Powder Scan Spray, 75 ml ECSCAN75V1
Product information brochure up to 4 pages

No. 1906 VITA Powder Scan Spray (Version 001)

Safety data sheets

No. 269 VITA Powder Scan Spray (Version 002)

No. 84 VITA CEREC Propellant (Version 002)

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